8 Dreamy Pics Of Balloon Festivals That'll Take Your Wanderlust To New Heights

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The sky isn't even the limit. When we're craving an adventure, what we're really looking for is a change of perspective. Traveling gives us a whole new set of surroundings, and lets us see the world from an entirely different set of eyes. It's no surprise that when the wanderlust hits, you absolutely have to do something about it. No matter how much that plane ticket costs, you have to just go. Maybe someday, though, you won't hop on just a jet or a train. Instead, you'll channel your favorite scenes from Up in a hot air balloon. These pictures of balloon festivals will make you want to take your travels to new heights, and get your head amongst the clouds.

It's time you seriously start considering your summer plans. OK, yes I know we're all still sort of waiting for spring. But, it's never too early to get your ticket to one of these festivals, and I promise, it will be incredibly worth the wait.

Maybe you get to the grounds early and watch the sunrise launch, or stay until sunset when the balloons really illuminate like giant lanterns. The fire that rises them into the sky makes for quite the light show. If you're feeling extra daring, you might even hop in the basket yourself. Next stop, Paradise Falls? Yes, please!

These hot air balloons are beaming and oh-so-peaceful, too. We don't always have to be down to Earth, and so let these pictures give you and your wanderlust a serious lift.

Simply Stunning
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I love the look of a single hot air balloon floating in the sky. Like a waterfall, watching someone write in cursive, or that gentle music they play in spas — it's instantly calming and so aesthetically-pleasing. Especially when the balloon is radiating with a lot of color, it's hard to look away from such a sight.

Could you imagine spending your morning peacefully gliding across the sky like this? I think it would be worth waking up early just to see the sunrise from an aerial point-of-view and taking it all in from the basket side of this shot.

Visually Vibrant
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The best hot air balloons aren't just pleasing to our aesthetics, but also so visually vibrant. All of the colors of the rainbow should take flight when one of these lifts off.

And where getting a birds-eye view is a game changer, this shot from the ground really puts things in perspective, too. Don't ever underestimate the scale and size of something this luminous. The world is pretty large, and there's a reason why we can see a balloon burning so bright from miles away.

Fire Flames
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Hot air balloons are kind of iconic in the way they take off. Unlike planes, trains, and any other mode of transportation you may take — there's no fuel or gas involved. Just some #fireflames.

To me, this sensation is what makes hot air balloon rides a little scary. But that's not saying I still wouldn't totally do it. I mean, come on. That has to be a once in a lifetime sort of thing, almost like when people go skydiving when they're studying abroad.

If you're planning on going to a balloon festival this summer, you'll definitely want to stick around until things get truly radiant like this.

Pics Or It Didn't Happen
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The best way to enjoy a balloon festival is with your friends. For one, you need your squad for all the one-of-a-kind social media snaps you can get while being amongst the balloons. Pose in the field to get a full shot of the action, or even throw a peace sign up in the air to get a really inspired piece of photography.

Sometimes our besties aren't the most adventurous. Especially if you're the Sagittarius in your group, you probably feel like nobody can really keep up with you and your packed passport. So, if you need some persuasion skills, just show them these pictures. Do it for the 'Gram, right?

If You Need Some Inspo
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Seriously, I can't stress this enough. The Instagram inspiration is endless at these festivals. Think of those cool walls in Los Angeles that have such a spectrum, or the bright lights of Times Square at the end of a bustling day in the city. These hot air balloons will bring the same vibe to your feed and followers, and they are the best way to break up the selfies, too.

If it were possible, I'd totally want to jump from one balloon top to the next like a game of Mario Kart, or that scene in Finding Nemo with all the jellyfish. See? Truly inspired.

Up, Up, And Away
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Pixar would be seriously proud of this balloon. It's sort of an optical illusion at first. But, let me make it clear — there aren't actually thousands of balloons carrying that basket. Although, I so wish that was the reality of it.

If you want to feel like you're really in Up, then head to one of these festivals and all your dreams will come true. Even if you decide to just stay grounded, watching a fun one like this take flight will totally unlock the little kid you have at heart. Adventure is so out there. So long, boys!

A Penguin Headed To The North Pole
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Some balloons aren't so classic, and this penguin is probably my favorite that I've seen so far. Imagine waking up to this floating by your house. I'm sorry, this isn't the North Pole, sir! It would definitely make an average Monday morning so much better.

There are all kinds of unique balloons you can see, from ones inspired by animated characters like the Minions, or dragons that would make you feel like you're in an episode of Game of Thrones. Even in the summertime at something so simple and pure as a balloon festival, winter is coming.

From The Ground, Up
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All balloons have to start somewhere, and if you're lucky and get to one of these festivals at the right time, you'll get to seem them launch. Walking amongst the field of them when they are filled up is oh-so-cool, and will make you feel sort of small, too. I mean, look at them! They're honestly massive, if you haven't been convinced quite yet.

See how many hot air balloons you can see, and pretend you're in a city where these are swapped out for skyscrapers. Your wanderlust wanted to take you to other places around this world, and being here will have your imagination flying sky high.

Wanderlust opens our minds to all the wonders of the world — but you'll want to keep your eyes wide too so that you don't sleep on such a sight. Reaching new heights is so easy, and these pictures are showing you all the possibilities.