These Mermaid Swimsuits Are Made For Your Sun's Out, Buns Out Snaps This Summer

Summer is here, and this season was mermaid for pool parties, beach days, and relaxing in the sunshine. It's always fun hitting up local shops and boutiques for new swimsuits — and if you're all about seas-ing every day, you might as well get some mermaid-inspired swimsuits for Instagram pics. From bikinis, to one pieces, to monokinis, you're sure to find a suit that any true siren would be obsessed with. Now, all you'll need is a matching pair of sunnies and some glitter for your beach waves.

I always get nostalgic about the days of getting a brand new swimsuit for the summer as a kid, and anticipating my first pool party when I could show it off. Nowadays, you have the ability to shine a spotlight on your cute suit right away by posting a selfie on the 'Gram. Don't forget to incorporate a witty mermaid pun caption for a really fintastic post your friends will love. All it takes is the right shell bra and mermaid tail bottom to make you feel like Ariel, so if you're looking to be a part of her world, consider getting any of these eight mermaid swimsuits. While you're lounging poolside, or maybe even on a seashell pool float, snap a siren selfie that will have you saying "shello" to a perfect summer.

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