Two mermaid-themed doughnuts are placed on a purple table with seashells.

8 Mermaid Treat Recipes You'll Want To Dig Your Dinglehopper Into

It's time to make a splash in the kitchen and try some new recipes. If you're in the mood for something sweet, you might want to dive into these mermaid-themed dessert recipes on YouTube. Not only are these treats super cute and Instagram-worthy, but they're perfect for a beach bash, backyard summer gathering, or your next girls' night in where you watch The Little Mermaid.

Instead of serving your go-to treats, whip up something that'll have your guests exclaiming, "Shell, yeah!" When you think of mermaids, you likely think of pretty shells, glistening scales, and the salty sea. Each one of these mermaid-themed desserts captures that theme. From whoopie pies to PopTarts, these aren't your typical desserts like cupcakes and cookies, either. They cover a wide range of treats that can give you a full spread that's full of sugary "whozits and whatzits galore."

Since each one of these desserts is made to resemble a mermaid, it's ready for its close-up, so remember to take a pic before taking your first bite. Use some mermaid puns or Little Mermaid quotes to caption your foodie pics before posting for all your friends to sea. Then, enjoy whatever treats you mermaid for your bash.

Mermaid Shell Whoopie Pies

These purple whoopie pies look exactly like the shells Ariel wears in The Little Mermaid. You can also make a bunch of different colored shells if you want to have a vibrant variety to serve to your guests.

Mermaid Rice Krispies Treats

This video features three mermaid recipes to try, and the Rice Krispies Treats are truly adorable. They're decorated to look like mermaids, complete with seashells and tails. A great addition is the fork — aka, dinglehopper — on top of each one.

Mermaid Doughnuts

This video shows a variety of ways you can decorate desserts to fit into the mermaid theme, including mermaid doughnuts. Take your pre-made plain doughnuts (or whip them up from scratch), and then cover them in a shiny blue icing that looks like water. Decorate them with tail and shell edible details.

'Little Mermaid' PopTarts

Thanks to this recipe from Disney Family on YouTube, you'll know how to make Little Mermaid-themed PopTarts. Have these for breakfast or serve them up at a nostalgia-filled party with your BFFs. PopTarts and singing "Part of Your World" will bring back all the mems from growing up.

Mini Mermaid Cheesecakes

These mini mermaid cheesecakes are the cutest, and they're super easy to serve. Coming in their own individual cups, people can simply grab, mingle, and enjoy. The cutest part of all is the biscuit crust on the bottom that looks just like the sandy ocean floor.

Mermaid Marshmallows

This video has a few recipes you can replicate for your mermaid party. There are Rice Krispies Treats that are colorful and cute, and the most magical marshmallows you've ever seen. All you need are jumbo marshmallows, paper straws, frosting, and mermaid sprinkles that you can get on Etsy.

Mermaid Popcorn

This mermaid popcorn is an especially fun idea for movie night. Whether you're watching The Little Mermaid or '80s fave, Splash, popcorn is necessary. Instead of having regular popcorn, make it mermaid colored. Toss in some teal and purple M&Ms for a sweet and salty mix.

'Little Mermaid' Ice Cream Cones

Ice cream is the best treat for chillin' by the pool in the summer. In between lounging on your seashell inflatable and swimming around, you can enjoy a refreshing mermaid ice cream cone. This tutorial teaches you how to decorate your cone so it looks just like Ariel.