Five 'Beauty and the Beast'-themed cupcakes with red roses and yellow icing are placed on a cupcake ...
7 ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Dessert Recipes That Are Enchantingly Delicious

It's hard to watch Beauty and the Beast and not get hungry during the "Be Our Guest" scene. With delicious food all around, you might wish you were Belle surrounded by all those dancing dishes. Luckily, there are Beauty and the Beast dessert recipes out there to satisfy your sweet tooth. From cupcakes and macarons, to the infamous "grey stuff" Lumiere is singing about, there's something special for everyone.

Perhaps you're watching the "tale as old as time" for the hundredth time on Disney+ with your besties. You can whip up something in the kitchen for everyone to snack on during the movie. If you're having a Disney-themed birthday party, serve up some Beauty and the Beast treats alongside some of your favorite Disney drinks to create the most magical spread.

You don't even need Mrs. Potts' help, thanks to these seven easy-to-follow tutorials. Some are even based on the food served at the Red Rose Taverne at Disneyland, so it's like you'll be transported to the most magical place without ever leaving your home. Just remember before you take your first bite, snap a few photos and share them on the 'Gram, because that's the happily ever after every foodie wants to see.

The "Grey Stuff"

When listening to "Be Our Guest," Lumiere mentions the "grey stuff" that Belle must try. It's so delicious that you can even ask the dishes about it. Now's your time to finally try that mysterious (and infamous) treat at home. The final product looks a lot like the Grey Stuff Gâteau dessert at the Red Rose Taverne at Disneyland.

Beauty And The Beast Macarons

Have you ever seen a dessert as adorable as these Beauty and the Beast macarons? They're almost too cute to eat, but of course, you'll want to eventually take a bite to try the raspberry jam filling (although the tutorial says you can use whatever filling you prefer).

Caramel Apples

You can't go wrong with a caramel apple, and this Beauty and the Beast-themed one is especially gorgeous. The dessert apples come in the shape of Belle's dress. Take a bite out of this treat for an appley ever after.

Mrs. Potts Cupcakes

For something vibrant and colorful, try these Mrs. Potts cupcakes. They're a marble cake with Mrs. Potts' colors, yellow and purple. The cutest part of all are the Mrs. Potts cookie decorations that go on top of the icing. Pair these sweet treats with a cup of warm tea.

Cake Pops

Cake pops are great for parties, because your guests can easily grab one or as many as they'd like. These Belle-inspired cake pops are not only a great idea for your next movie night, but they're also super Instagram-worthy for your next foodie post.

Enchanted Rose Cupcakes

Who knew you could take mini plastic wine glasses and flip them to create stunning enchanted rose cupcakes? They look just like the encased rose from the film. Your friends will be super impressed when you serve up these vanilla cupcakes, that they'll want the recipe, too.

Lemon Rose Cakes

This tutorial mentions that these lemon rose cakes draw inspiration from the Red Rose Taverne at Disneyland. While most of the ingredients in this recipe are things you can easily find at the store, like a lemon cake mix and strawberry preserves, you might need to order a rose cake mold for that exquisite final presentation.