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These New Holographic & Glitter Floats Will Put You In A Major Summer #Mood

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Summer is almost here, which means you need to update your pool float collection as soon as possible. Having a large inflatable to bring to the party is just as necessary as a pair of vibrant sunnies and a fun swimsuit. You want to be ready for the 'Gram at all times, while also prepared to lounge around without a care in the world. Both will be much easier to do with PoolCandy's new holographic and glitter floats.

PoolCandy expanded their holographic collection to include some new inflatables, and their glitter collection has a few new adorable creatures as well. With various styles in each collection, there's a float to match your mood. So if you're going for chill vibes this summer and want a traditional pool float with a pillow attached, go with a holographic lounger. If you want something to pop in your pics, choose a cute animal like the glittery swan.

The best part about each collection is that they are available now — which means you can order one today and be ready for anything as soon as the sizzling season hits. After all, you can never be too prepared for when those beach and pool party invites begin to roll in.

Holographic Pillow Pool Raft

If relaxation is your number one priority, this holographic pillow pool raft is the float for you. At almost six feet long, it's big and cozy enough for you to lay on if you're looking to catch some rays. Plus, you know those holographic colors will really pop in your sunny selfies.

Gold Glitter Swan Jumbo Pool Tube

This gold glitter float is truly swan-derful. OK, cheesy puns aside, this jumbo float is so fun and covered in bright glitter. With this float by your side, you'll be able to take your first #SwanGoals pool float pic of the summer with ease.

Inflatable Holographic Sun Chair

This holographic sun chair is perfect for really warm days when you want to be in the water, but also living your best chill life. There are also two cup holders on either side, so you can have a fruit smoothie for each hand.

Glitter Flamingo Jumbo Pool Tube

Party like a flock-star with this flamingo pool tube. If pink is your favorite color, this pool float is a great choice. You can even caption your Insta pics with flamingo puns like, "Single and ready to flamingle," or, "Feeling flocking fabulous."

Inflatable Holographic Oyster Pool Raft

You were mermaid to shine, so get a pool float to match that vibe. This holographic oyster pool raft will make you look like Ariel from The Little Mermaid, so you might as well add "Part of Your World" and "Under The Sea" to your pool party playlist.

Glitter Llama Jumbo Pool Tube

You've seen swan and flamingo pool floats before, but have you ever seen a llama one? Well, now you have. This glitter llama is the definition of adorable, and when you're lounging on this cutie, you'll have no prob-llamas.

Glitter Unicorn Jumbo Pool Tube

Take advantage of every warm day you get by automatically making it a pool party kind of day. It'll be easier to carpe that diem when you have a fun pool float like this glittery unicorn tube. Not only does its big eyes make this creature super cute, but the rainbow colors mean it'll match just about any swimsuit you decide to wear.

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