Sam's Club's 18-foot Plane Float is everything you'll need for the perfect summer.

This 6-Person Plane Float Will Make You Feel Like You're On A Private Jet

Courtesy of Sam's Club

It may still be cold outside, but Sam's Club is already gracing customers with seriously giant floats for the warmer months. You may want to start planning a gathering by the water early, because Sam Club's 18-foot plane float is coming. It fits a whopping six people on board, making you feel like you're Kim K and Co. on their private jet.

Measuring in at a whopping 18 feet long and 17.5-feet wide, the plane float is available on Sam's Club's website for $169.98. Both standard and premium shipping is available, so you can get it delivered in as little as two to six business days (great for all the warmer weather locations, though probably not necessary for those in the northeast just yet). Sam's Club Plus members get shipping for free. The float includes built-in cup holders, two built-in coolers, and a rear platform with handles on the back for getting on and off the float. With a cockpit and fun color detailing on the wings, it seriously looks like it's ready for takeoff.

No one has to be left out of the gathering with these huge floats. Although they're a little large for your average pool, you can take these to a lake or the ocean easily. The quality of the PVC plastic is also highly durable, so these floats from Sam's should last longer than the summer season.

Courtesy of Sam's Club

Another float the company is selling is a 20-foot speed boat float that sells for that same price of $169.98. It includes a built-in bench, a cooler, handles, and built-in cup holders.

If 18 or 20 feet sounds a little bit too big, you can get a slightly smaller Unicorn Float from Sam's Club that measures at about 10 feet tall and 10 feet wide for the same price, with the capacity for six people. Or, you may rather have a similar Zebra Float featuring some bright summer-inspired stripes in your backyard.

If you've always dreamed of your own personal floating island, Sam's Club is also selling a Paradise Island float online for $149.98. Think of the float as a lounge on the water. Measuring nearly 15 feet long and nine feet wide, you can still fit a maximum of six people on this float. It features six cup holders, two built-in coolers, a boarding platform, two contoured lounge areas, and a bench with backrests. Taking a note from 2019's Tropical Tahiti Floating Island, Sam's created a lounge float that offers a comfortable seat for everyone on deck.

Going in on one of these huge floats from Sam's Club with your BFFs is a surefire way to start prepping for the hotter months of the year.