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Snap These Cute Instagram Pictures In The Snow All By Your Selfie

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Grab your camera and head to your backyard where you've become a photoshoot pro. Odds are, sprinkled on the ground is the best natural prop of all: snow. And although it may be cold to pick up in your hands — even with mittens on — you'll want to play around with it and these Instagram picture ideas to take in the snow.

These snowy picture ideas are a foundation for some seriously cool content and will leave you feeling inspired for months to come. They'll encourage you to head to the rooftop of your apartment building for a snowy picture with the surrounding skyscrapers, cheese in a pom-pom hat just like a little kid on a snow day, or pretend you're on the ski trip of a lifetime. Plus, unlike other photoshoot ideas, they won't require any help from a roommate, friend, or fellow camera lover. You can take these pics all by your selfie.

You may need to set your lens up on a tripod or lean it against one of your mugs that's sitting on your patio table. But, once you get creative with your setup, you'll be golden. You'll be ready to pose in fashionable boots and catch snowflakes with your pup. Without further ado, here are the best Instagram picture ideas to take in the snow.

The "Sunsets And Snowy Rooftops" Picture
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If you live in the city, the "Sunsets and Snowy Rooftops" picture is for you. It captures the perfect layer of snow on top of the surrounding buildings, and the sun when it's about to set and turn the entire sky shades of pink, yellow, and purple.

To capture it, head to the rooftop of your building a half hour before sunset in a fun winter jacket and hat. Pose with the skyscrapers in different ways, including turned around and looking at them and with your arms out wide. Take some pictures where you're in focus, and others where the buildings are so you can post an entire series on the 'gram.

The "Let's Have A Snowball Fight" Picture

Did you watch Elf a lot this holiday season? If so, you certainly know how to make and throw a snowball, thanks to that scene where Buddy the Elf gets in an epic snowball battle in Central Park. Take a note out of his playbook for your snowy photoshoot in your backyard, and set up your camera facing a fence or a line of trees. Put on a pair of cute mittens, hold up a snowball as the camera clicks, and just have fun with it.

The "On Top Of The Snowy World" Picture

For the "On Top of the Snowy World" picture, you'll want your camera lens to be pointed toward the treetops in your yard. In the middle of the frame, you'll be wearing your favorite turtleneck sweater and winter gear and looking up at the fluffy clouds.

You may have a different camera strapped around your shoulder or a backpack on to make it look like you're on a big adventure. In reality, you'll be showing off your dreamy side profile in your backyard. But, your followers might imagine you taking a hike on a snowy mountain.

The "Soaking Up The Winter Sun" Picture

Some people are not so into winter, and that's totally OK. They should snap the "Soaking Up the Winter Sun" picture, which is easy to recreate, as long as you have a beach chair. Set up your chair in your backyard on a sunny day, and take a seat in it while wearing sunglasses, a puffer coat, and a blanket scarf.

Next to the chair, place items like a beach bag, snowshoes, and a smoothie in the camera's view. That way, you can really set the quirky scene and show your followers that you're on the fence about this whole winter thing.

The "January Issue" Picture
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Your favorite magazine covers can come to life with the "January Issue" picture. It takes the monochromatic style you may see on a high-end fashion magazine and recreates it right in your own backyard.

To take the picture, put on an all-white outfit, except for one accessory like a pair of pink sunglasses or a gold necklace. Then, either stand against a tall snow bank, lay down in an expansive stretch of snow, or strike a confident pose near a snow-covered car.

The "Sorry, I Thought This Was A Ski Trip" Picture

You may be missing out on your usual ski trip, but that doesn't mean you can't pretend you're still going on one. Simply sit in the driver's seat of your car with the door open, put your feet up on a suitcase, and pose in your goggles. Gently lean skis on the side of your car and give the camera a moody glance. You can even toss some snow in the air or have your sweet pup pose with their head out of the back window.

The "Bundled Up To The Max" Picture

Your side profile in the winter might include layers on layers of cozy clothes. Show it off on Instagram with the "Bundled Up to the Max" picture. Turn your entire body to the left or right while wearing all of your usual winter gear. Put your hair up in a bun or some braids if you have a cute set of wintery earrings, too. When the camera goes off, you can laugh, smile, or just look off into the distance.

The "You'd Never Flake On Me" Picture
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Your pup would never snow-flake on you, so you should bring them into your wintery photoshoot. Simply have them sit near you in your backyard while you give them a treat and play with them in the snow. The entire time, have your camera record a video that you can later snag screenshots from.

In the caption of your photo, be sure to use a pun like, "It's the most paw-fect time of the year," or, "Having a snowball with my husky."