8 Funky Instagram Ideas For Taking Your Inside Furniture Outdoors

Shanelle Infante, Elite Daily

Every part of your home now serves many purposes. Your kitchen table is your office and your backyard is your personal movie theater on summer nights. You'll feel inclined to be creative and think outside of the box when it comes to having photo shoots in your backyard, too. Be extra creative, then, and scroll through these Instagram ideas for bringing your furniture outside. To be frank, your Instagram feed could use the editorial, Vogue-like content that'll come out of these eclectic photo shoots.

It's not that your backyard photo shoots of your summer picnics are boring. They've just had their moment in the sun, so it's time to lead with a new trend. As with "summer textures" pics and weekend photo dumps, these funky furniture snaps will eventually make their way through the Explore page and into the virtual folder titled, "Been There, Done That." That's why it's #necessary that you hop on this trend, and drag your mid-century modern couch, bar stools, and rolling rack into your driveway ASAP.

Set up your tripod, as well as your camera that's set to capture a photo every 10 seconds. You can stand with your props and even pretend you're in a magazine spread by replicating the same poses of Naomi Campbell or Gigi Hadid. Here are eight ideas you should use for inspo, because they'll bring your furniture and feed to life.

Sit On A Velvet Couch And Add String Lights
Graciela Vilagudin/Moment/Getty Images

The first of these ideas requires a velvet couch, or an oversized chair will do. If you have one in your home, or know a friend who'd be willing to lend you theirs, place it in your lush backyard or in front of your garage. From there, put battery-operated string lights around the tops of the cushions and in front of the feet of the couch. Lay across the couch — as if to show off your new jeans or polka dot dress — for a set of photos that's pretty effortless and chic.

Relax In Front Of A Vintage Mirror While Wearing A Robe

Vintage mirrors never disappoint. It's time to carry yours outside to a spot where you can lean it up against a tree or a chair. Put on a bathrobe, wrap your hair in a matching towel, and pose like you're at your own outdoor spa. To spice up the look, toss on a pair of sunglasses and rock a bold red lip. Channel Mario Testino's "Towel Series."

Sprawl Out On A Plush White Comforter

When you're feeling extra tired, you could take a nap just about anywhere. Bring that vibe to this photo shoot idea and turn the outdoors into your very own napping oasis. Spread a white comforter on the grass, surround it with potted plants, and sprawl out for a picture. Add some funky pillows to the mix if you'd like, and pose with your hands covering your face, feet up, or arms over your head. Be sure to look and feel relaxed.

Create A Picnic Basket Café And Pose On A Bar Stool
Moyo Studio/E+/Getty Images

Did you know you can create your own outdoor café? The only items you need are a bar stool and a picnic basket with colorful snacks and drinks. You'll want to start by wrapping up loaves of fresh bread, putting grapes in jars, and tossing everything that's appetizing into your basket. Then, you'll want to place your stool in a cozy backyard spot — maybe under a tree or filled with a lot of plants — and pose on it for the camera with your meal.

Stand On A Wooden Chair Holding A Beach Umbrella

Summer isn't over until your Instagram feed says so. And if you want to create more sun-loving #content, then take a wooden chair and place it anywhere outside. Stand on it while wearing your favorite bathing suit and holding a beach umbrella — like the ones from Business & Pleasure Co. Edit the pics you get on Lightroom or in the Tezza app to look vintage by adding lots of grain and a frame for that old school camera look.

String Polaroids On A Half-Filled Rolling Rack

Your closet can be moved outside for a photo shoot so easily if you have a rolling rack. You can display a few of your outfits on it, using aesthetically-pleasing hangers you find on Etsy or at a thrift store. Attach a thin, flowing string to it and begin hanging your favorite Polaroids. While you hang up your photos, take new ones and capture yourself in action. It may give your followers some ideas for summer DIY projects.

Pretend To Hang Art Prints Up On A Brick Wall

Do you want to show off your new art prints, but don't want to take a boring picture in your home? Pretend to hang them up on a brick wall either on the outside of your building or within your city. Put one leg up a bit, and act as if you're reaching to hang it up high. Complete this picture by wearing an adorable scarf in your hair and tagging the artists on IG.

Put Your Laptop On A Tiny Table In Your Backyard
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Make the most of your WFH situation, and have a photo shoot with your laptop. Bring the tiny table you typically set your planner on during the day to your patio, or sit in a chair with your headphones on and your notebook in your lap. Give the camera your most confident glance with a latte in hand, for an outdoor furniture photo shoot that'll serve Vogue-level creativity.