A young Black woman sits at a table on her patio on a sunny day and works remotely.
10 Fun Ideas For Your Outdoor WFH Pics & Creating Magic On Your Patio

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When you first started your career, "work from home" was most likely not in your job description. Now, it's the new norm, and you're making the most of it. You've transformed your kitchen into the home office of your dreams, and you're sitting outside with your laptop every chance you can get. You might feel creative brainstorming under the funky umbrella on your patio, and taking your coffee break in the garden. To be honest, you could get used to this setup and want to document your blissful professional life with some ideas for outdoor work from home pictures.

You don't want to forget this unique time when you're typing with your feet up and getting tan while working on your assignments. When you have a spare moment on your break, how about setting up a tripod and taking some photos of you crushing your to-do list alongside your big, beautiful plants? Although they'll never replace your coworkers in your heart, they do serve as inspiring company when you're on a tight deadline, and they're a great conversation starter for Zoom meetings.

One day, if and when things get back to "normal," or when winter comes and you retreat back to your kitchen table, you'll miss chilling on a lounge chair in your backyard from nine to five. So, snap one of these outdoor work from home pictures as soon as possible. They'll surely show your followers that you're creating magic on the workday reg.

The "What, Like It's Hard?" Picture
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First up is a picture idea that's inspired by Elle Woods from Legally Blonde. It's called, "what, like it's hard?" and will show off the blissful parts of working from home. To capture this pic, put on an outfit that isn't sweatpants — maybe a sweet sundress or a pastel-colored romper — and pose on a cozy lounge chair with colorful pillows, a cup of coffee, and your favorite pair of sunnies. Make sure to put your feet up on the cushion, move some potted blooms next to you, and layer your trendiest anklets.

The "I Hope This Email Finds You Well" Picture

What's your go-to starter for emails? I'm willing to bet it's very similar to, "I hope this email finds you well." Transform that message into a picture by peeking your eyes over the top of your laptop screen and smiling. Ask a roomie who'd like to help out to get down to your level to snap the shot, and be sure to put your hair in a messy bun and toss up a few peace signs before they do so.

The "Do Not Disturb" Picture

Whether or not you're in a Zoom meeting, you may want to tell your friends and followers you're on "do not disturb" mode. Do so by taking this pic. Put your hair up in a ponytail with a fun hair scarf, lay out your planner on your patio table, and turn your head away from the lens. Add a refreshing glass of lemonade and a moody filter to complete the aesthetic.

The "Logging Off For The Day" Picture

When the workday is over, do you slip your laptop into a backpack to carry it back to the house? According to this picture, you do. It's cropped so that it only captures the laptop being placed in your cute tote or adventurous backpack, and the details of your outfit. Wear your fave WFH #look for a pic like this, and be sure to toss on delicate rings you love, too.

The "Made My Own Coffee Shop" Picture
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Before the coronavirus pandemic came along, many of us who work from home posted up in a coffee shop for the day. Now, you're sipping java while sitting on your deck and sending emails. Capture your scenery with the "made my own coffee shop" pic.

You can create this by holding up your go-to mug, and put a blueberry muffin on a nearby plate (a small pedestal plate would be ideal). You may also want to put in your AirPods, wear your blue light glasses, and sprinkle some napkins on the table. Ready, set, snap.

The "Side Hustle" Picture

The "side hustle" picture is a prime way to show your followers that you're a true #boss. For this picture, set up a neutral Instagram backdrop in your backyard, put on a blazer or button-up shirt, and rock a fierce makeup look and non-prescription glasses. Then, look down at your phone as if you're responding to your big list of contacts. Holding a pair of heels or your business cards in hand is the finishing touch.

The "Not Going Anywhere Soon" Picture

Let's be honest: You're not hopping on planes for work trips anytime soon — but that doesn't mean you can't have some fun. Pull out your travel bags, suitcase, and the sun hat you'd typically wear in a sunny destination. Then, pose behind them on your patio. Be sure to set up your laptop nearby to get the full effect of, "I'm not traveling right now, but I wish I was." And of course, choose the perfect caption, like, "Leaving on a jet plane... not."

The "New Coworker, Who Dis" Picture

Your dog is undeniably your cutest, fluffiest coworker, and they deserve a spot on the 'gram. Dress them up in a pair of sunglasses and have them sit all cozy at your work area with you for this pic — if they're tiny enough to do so, of course. You can both be sitting on a white sheet that you've turned into your workspace in your backyard, or at a picnic table. Be sure to capture your pup's tennis balls and favorite toys in your frame to show that life is all about work-play balance — because you're totally playing fetch after this.

The "Brainstorming Session With Myself" Picture
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Sometimes, your days are spent brainstorming. That's all well and good, and you should capture your creative process with this pic. Sit on your back steps or the staircase leading up to your apartment, and pretend to type away on your laptop or jot some notes down in a notebook. You can even look up at the sky in thought.

Now, to spruce up this pic, you can snap pics from your perspective. Maybe your pic will show your sprawled-out feet in the background or cute doodles in your notebook. Use the "select multiple" feature to post those pics alongside the more posed one.

The "Here's What I've Been Working On" Picture

If you've been working really hard on a major project the past few months, it's time to celebrate on the 'gram. Invite your IG pals to the party, and hold up a glass of sparkling apple juice to the lens. You can even toss some confetti up in the air, or hold your phone in your hand and pretend you're saying, "Yes!" with a gigantic smile on your face.

Show the world that you're tackling your professional life and creating magic from home — and that that's worth celebrating from your porch bench.