8 Friendsgiving Theme Ideas For An Insta-Worthy Get Together

If you and your friends are sticking around for Thanksgiving instead of going back home for a traditional dinner with the family, it's the perfect opportunity to throw an epic friendsgiving. And since it's a totally new Thanksgiving for you, you don't need to go with some of your family's old traditions if that's not your thing. You and your squad can start new traditions of your own. It doesn't have to be #basic this year. It's easy to throw a fun and impressive get together that will be one to remember with some fun friendsgiving theme ideas.

Having a party theme takes your normal Thanksgiving dinner and adds a fun twist. You can keep all the basics there like turkey, stuffing, and pie, but put them through a fun party filter that spices things up. You might be missing your family, but instead of you having the FOMO, they'll be the ones wishing they could have spent it with you, once they see all the pics you post of your epic friendsgiving party.

If you're too busy planning out the dinner menu and blanking on a creative friendsgiving theme, here are eight ideas that you can do. They don't even take that much extra effort. You're just adding a few minor changes like themed decorations and activities, except now you and your squad have a new Thanksgiving tradition that you'll totally want to do next year.

1. A Super Sweet Candy Thanksgiving

Miami Candies on Twitter

If you have a sweet tooth like me, throwing a candy themed friendsgiving is the way to go. You can substitute out your normal Thanksgiving appetizers with some sugar treats. Getting an assortment of candy in fall colors and placing them in nice bowls, instantly becomes super cute decorations as well.

2. Super Comfy Pajama Party

Eva ت on Twitter

You don't need to be dressing up for Thanksgiving this year. You and your crew can totally throw a pajama party friendsgiving in your onesies. After dinner, you can even have a old school sleepover watching some of your favorite holiday movies. In the morning, use all those leftovers for some Thanksgiving breakfast recipes.

3. Have A Tom Hanksgiving


You can celebrate America's most lovable actor with a Tom Hanks themed friendsgiving. There can be Tom Hanks' movie themed food like Catch Me If You Yams and a Big Turkey. After your dinner, you all can have a Tom Hanks movie marathon because there's so many good ones to choose from.

4. A Musical Friendsgiving

Bethany Onsgard on Twitter

You don't have to just share food with your friends. You can totally share music with each other as well. Thank your friends by giving them some of your favorite tunes. If you don't have access to a CD maker, because we're in 2017, you can craft Thanksgiving Spotify playlists.

5. Pie Party

UNL Grad Life on Twitter

Pie is the best part about Thanksgiving dinner, which is why a pie party for your squad could be epic. Everyone brings one pie to eat. You can all vote on the best one and give out prizes for tastiest, prettiest, and most unique. Though, of course, everyone is the real winner when you're eating pie.

6. Football Friendsgiving

Lainey Massaro on Twitter

Football is a tradition on Thanksgiving. Whether you're watching a game on TV, or getting your friends together for a game of flag football. You can totally have a football themed friendsgiving with traditional game day snacks before the big meal like bean dip, chips, and wings while playing outside.

7. Whatever You Have Potluck

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Have a potluck friendsgiving if you and your friends aren't great at cooking, or don't want to spend all day in the kitchen. Everyone brings whatever they have in their kitchen or wants from the store. It's a no stress friendsgiving theme, and honestly, you could end up with a better spread than you normally would.

8. It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

jay ❄️ on Twitter

Break out the Christmas sweaters early for an X-Mas themed friendsgiving. You guys can jump on the holiday sooner than everyone else. No disrespect to Thanksgiving, you're still celebrating the day just with a little extra Santa sparkle. Don't forget to enjoy those Christmas classics after dinner like Home Alone and Elf.