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8 Friendsgiving Theme Ideas For An Insta-Worthy Get Together


2020 has definitely been a year for a lot of “firsts.” Your first time working from home for an extended period of time, your first social-distanced get-together in the park, your first virtual engagement party or wedding, and now, your first Friendsgiving without all your friends celebrating in one place. Although a traditional Friendsgiving get-together is not possible this year, you can still get creative by enjoying these Friendsgiving theme ideas that are stuffed with Instagrammable joy.

When it comes to celebrating the 2020 holidays, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests celebrating virtually or with only friends and/or family living in the same household (who have also been taking the proper safety precautions recommended by the CDC). As of Nov. 11, these options actually present the least amount of risk for spreading the coronavirus, according to the CDC. So, consider a virtual Friendsgiving feast with your besties back home, gobble up a yummy dinner with your roommates, or have a combination of both. This way, everyone can stay safe in their own homes and enjoy any of these Insta-worthy Friendsgiving theme ideas.

Planning a great Friendsgiving theme to go along with your turkey, stuffing, and pie is always a great idea to get everyone involved. Whether you work together to create a fun menu or bring on the festive cheer with fuzzy slippers and coordinating pjs, think of this special day as a celebration where your creativity can really shine.

You may be creating a new recipe this year and serving it on a different table because of COVID-19, but being able to talk to your closest pals on Friendsgiving is what it’s all about. So, get excited about these Friendsgiving theme ideas that are ready to go virtually or in person with your roomies. All you need to do is set the table, send out the Zoom invites, and prepare for a safe and fun Friendsgiving everyone will be thankful for this year and beyond.

1. A Friendsgiving That's Stuffed With Sweetness

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A candy-themed Friendsgiving is such a sweet way to celebrate any sweet-loving friends you have. Since you and your friends may opt for dessert first, substitute your normal Thanksgiving appetizers with sugary treats and mugs of hot cocoa instead. Fill bowls with fall-colored candy like gummy hearts ($9, sugarfina.com) and autumn mix candy corn ($10, amazon.com). Set a chocolate turkey for your centerpiece ($80, harryanddavid.com), and create a Willy Wonka Friendsgiving party even Willy would be proud of.

2. A Super Comfy Pajama Party

Who even needs to dress up for Thanksgiving this year? You and your crew will totally love having a pajama Friendsgiving party in your coordinating onesies. After dinner, plan a sleepover — which can be done virtually or in your living room with your roomies — complete with string lights, throw pillows, wine, snacks, and holiday movies. In the morning, you can transform those leftovers into a delicious Thanksgiving breakfast feast. Think of all the amazing pictures you are sure to get with this plan.

3. A “Tom Hanksgiving”

Celebrate America's most beloved actor with a Tom Hanks-themed Friendsgiving. There can be Tom Hanks movie-themed food like Catch Me If YouYams and a Big Turkey. After your dinner, enjoy a Tom Hanks movie marathon, because there are so many good ones to choose from. Hey, you could even order matching T. Hanks sweaters ($36, redbubble.com).

4. A Musical Friendsgiving

Instead of just focusing on food this year, safely share some music instead. Thank each one of your friends by giving them some of your favorite tunes. Make a Thanksgiving Spotify playlist that can either be a mix of your fave songs from this year, or a real throwback mix of songs you used to jam out to in high school together. Crank it up, and enjoy your friends’ company while you roast that turkey.

5. A Pie Party

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Pie just might be the best part about Thanksgiving dinner, which is why a pie party for your squad could be epic. If you’re having a virtual Zoom party, have everyone bring a pie to present. Feel free to go all out decorating your pies with edible flowers and sparkly sprinkles, so it’s the definition of Insta-worthy. Have everyone vote for their favorite. Once everyone picks the winners, dig in.

6. A Football Friendsgiving

Football is a beloved tradition on Thanksgiving. Watch a game on TV, or play with your housemates in the backyard. Serve up some traditional game day snacks before the big meal, like bean dip, chips, and wings, and sport your fave teams colors in a cozy oversized sweater. Game on.

7. A Potluck With Whatever You Have

This is a plan for housemates who have been quarantining together, and all have their own specialty they’d like to bring to the Friendsgiving table. Put up a sign-up sheet for each course, and let the preparations begin with what you already have in the kitchen. It’s a no-stress Friendsgiving theme, and variety is the spice of life.

8. A Friendsgiving That’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Break out the ugly Christmas sweaters early for an Xmas-themed Friendsgiving. Jump on the holiday sooner than everyone else. No disrespect to Thanksgiving or anything, you're simply gobbling up the day with a little extra Santa sparkle. Bring out the Christmas decor, and stream those holiday classics after dinner like Home Alone and Elf.

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