The 7 Friends You Should Have In Your 20s To Make This The Best Decade Of Your Life

I've always taken advice and notes about life from my favorite sitcoms. The characters from Parks and Recreation taught me how to navigate my professional life, menus full of breakfast food, and long-distance best friendships. The most iconic scenes from The Office have shown me that there is love and happiness wherever you are, and that some relationships are simply just meant to be. And that purple apartment from Friends? It will always stay in my mind as the definition of "home." What I learned the most, though, was this: The types of friends you should have in your 20s aren't the people who bring you down or don't support your dreams. No, they're the ones who are bound to make this the best decade of your life yet.

Imagine surrounding yourself with people like Leslie Knope, Jim Halpert, and Rachel Greene. Leslie would make sure that you started every morning with waffles and whipped cream, followed by a metaphor of your best qualities; Jim would make you laugh, and remind you to not take life too seriously; and Rachel would be dipping into your closet, looking for the sweater you just picked up from Bloomingdale's. (She's more like a sister than a best friend, huh?)

You would constantly feel inspired, loved, and lifted up — even when there's no seat at Central Perk, or your binders are an unorganized mess. Bring these kind of people — aka, these seven types of friends — into your life for real, OK?

The Friend Who's One Hundred Percent Committed To Your Relationship

First things first: Find the friend who's committed to you and your friendship the most, and keep them close. This is going to be the person you can always rely on in your 20s, and even beyond this decade of your life.

They'll be the one you go to with all of your wildest dreams, opinions, and fears. They'll respond to your texts almost right away, and make sure that you know how appreciated and loved you are.

Truth is, the "real world" can be tough at times. But, having this type of friend makes every curveball and question mark seem like a speck of dust.

The Friend Who's Never Afraid To Share Their Honest Opinion

Every girl needs a friend in her 20s, and in her life, who's not afraid to be honest. This friend will share their thoughts and opinions, no matter what, and rarely worries about what other people think. They'll also always make sure that the people in their life are addressing the elephants in the room.

Life's just too short to live or approach it any other way. Sure, sometimes beating around the bush can be helpful in situations that are particularly emotional or tricky to handle. But, it can also cause a lot of drama and problems in the long-run.

So, embrace your friend who's brutally honest, and know that their honesty is coming from very good intentions. They're looking out for you as you navigate this thing called life.

The Friend Who's Spontaneous And Down For The Adventure

In your 20s, you want to make strategic and planned moves when it comes to your finances or finding an apartment of your own. But, it's equally important to be spontaneous and adventurous — to make sure that this is the best decade of your life.

That's where the spontaneous and adventurous friend comes in. This is the friend who's always down for an adventure, and will likely say "yes" to skydiving, road trips, or moving to the West Coast.

They'll encourage you to take leaps outside of your comfort zone (if that's where you want to be), and make room in your budget for traveling. Honestly, without them, you probably wouldn't score nearly as many passports stamps or travel to the destinations that every millennial should go to in their lifetime.

The Friend Who's Your Go-To Travel Buddy

Along with the spontaneous friend, is the one who's always your go-to travel buddy. This is the friend you may have studied abroad with in college, and knows all of your packing tips and tricks. They know about the traditions you have with yourself, like grabbing a chicken caesar wrap before boarding the plane and finding a cute postcard in every city or place you go.

They're also the friend who keeps you open-minded about the world. They've challenged your mind to think outside of the box and to become familiar with other coastlines. It feels good, and definitely is one of the many reasons why you're the person you are today.

The Friend Who Inspires You To Be The Best Version Of Yourself

The friend who inspires and encourages you is incredibly important to have in your 20s, and your life in general. That's because they'll continuously give you a reason to want more for yourself — to be the best version of yourself you can possibly be.

They'll act as a role model, when you need someone to look up to, and a cheerleader, when life is going particularly well and you need someone to say, "Way to go," from the sidelines. They'll ask you about your latest daydreams and passions, and send you motivational quotes and memes on the reg.

I truly can't stress it enough: This type of friendship is something you need and should want. You'll learn that as this decade goes on.

The Friend Who Has Similar Passions Or Hobbies

There is someone, or even multiple people, in your life who you've become friends with because they share similar passions or hobbies. You might have met them at an art gallery, and bonded over your love for photography and traveling, or you messaged them on Instagram because they posted about your favorite band. After that, you were bonded for life.

Now in your 20s, it's crucial that you keep that type of friend close. They'll simply make this huge world feel a little bit smaller, and give you a community that's there no matter what. They'll be there for casual hangs, lunch dates, and Saturday nights spent at home. Sweet!

The Friend Who Doubles As Your SO

Last but not least, the friend who doubles as your significant other is someone you want to have in your life, especially in your 20s. They'll be your most reliable support system, the person who takes up a majority of the space in your camera roll, and the one you get to cuddle up with at the end of a long day. (Does it get much better than that? Let me know.)

Now, you don't absolutely need to be in a relationship if that's not where your life or mindset is at. Sometimes, it can be really rewarding to explore by yourself, or you may love doing things alone. That's totally OK, too.

But, if you're someone who has a bae and a best friend all in one person, then know that's pretty spectacular. You have someone you can laugh and experience love with — someone who will make this decade the best one yet.