7 Times You Should Be Honest With Yourself During Your Next Vacation

Truth be told, vacation is the best time of the year. Whether you're staying in a sweet resort or eating all the pasta in another country, it's refreshing to change your location and soak up the sun. You put aside your planner or the textbooks that have been weighing you down. The ocean only requires some sunscreen and a bathing suit. (So, trade your stress for good vibes at the gate, as well.) Even the most amazing trips come with a few hiccups, though. During your next vacation, embrace those times you should be honest with yourself, for a week well-spent.

When was the last time you checked in with your gut? From my experience, it tends to know best. Sometimes, you'll forget that it's even there until you get that well-known rush through your stomach. You change your course, or take a leap into the unknown. Later on, you take a sigh of relief and realize your inner compass has never steered your wrong.

So, most of the time, you listen to its advice. Emphasis on "most." There are times when you don't want to swallow the truth and pretend you can't hear what it has to say. You continue to lounge in a beach chair, wallowing over the excursions you want to take, or saying "no" to the next adventure. Take a deep breath, and be a little blunt with yourself. Vacation comes with these seven moments when you need to follow the truth.

When You Don't Get To Do Something On Your List

Let's face the facts: You're likely not going to have time to do everything you want to do. You won't get to finish your book by the pool, or go parasailing due to the weather. It's hard not to be a little salty.

Especially if you're traveling with a few people, it can be difficult to find the balance between different activities and excursions. Your bestie wants to go snorkeling, and you want to eat waffles at brunch. Be honest with yourself and keep an open-mind. New and different experiences could really add to your trip, and now you have a reason to go back, too.

When You Get Lost Or Delayed

Life happens. You get to the airport, and the lines are through the door. The resort can't find the reservation for your room, or somehow your luggage got lost on the way. You're starting to wonder if Mercury is in retrograde, or what you did to deserve such inconveniences. The beach is calling, and you can't even answer it!

Let's be honest, though: Worrying or complaining won't get you anywhere at this point. It's better to look at these moments as part of the adventure. You'll get there when you get there. Let everything else go.

When You're Splurging On An Excursion

Before this trip, you were filling up jars with loose change and hiding your credit cards so you didn't swipe them. You wanted to save as much money as possible so that you could splurge on all the excursions. Instead of going out to lunch, you packed a sandwich and a bag of chips. You even stayed in on a couple Saturday nights. Now, it's going to all pay off! *Cue the round of applause.*

But, despite all of your thriftiness, you may have to dip into your savings account. Swimming with the dolphins was more expensive than you originally planned, or you want to buy a cute souvenir for your best friend. Try not to feel guilty, and then tell yourself some truths. Experiences are worth the few extra pennies, because ultimately they make you richer, OK?

When You're Always On Your Phone

Vacation is supposed to be a break. It's a relaxing chance to get away from everything else going on in the world. If you're always on your phone, then be honest with yourself. Where is all this FOMO coming from, and would it be healthier to disconnect? You might already know the answers to these kind of questions.

Truth is, your email is going to be there when you get back, and something is always happening on social media. Is it so bad if you miss out on a few pictures that were posted? Personally, I'd rather be taking in the ocean and the experiences that are right in front of me, rather than constantly being on a search for Wi-Fi.

When You Start To Complain

Complaining will quickly turn your trip from peaceful to problematic. Maybe things didn't go according to plan, or you're just exhausted from being in a plane. That's understandable, but be honest with yourself if you're letting these feelings drag on too long.

Nobody wants a travel buddy who's annoyed and frustrated with the world. You're on vacation! Try to find the bright side in every situation, and look toward the sun. (That part should be particularly easy if you've just landed in a tropical place.) Let yourself be upset for a few moments, and then put your positive pants back on. Like anything else in life, this experience is what you make of it.

When You're Not Trying Anything New

Getting out of your comfort zone is totally optional. But, if you're bored with the way things have been, vacation can be the perfect time to try something new. You're in a different place, surrounded by unfamiliar faces and foods. Even just making a new friend or trying guacamole for the first time, would be a great way to get away from the norm.

You don't necessarily need to swim with sharks, or go kayaking through some intense river rapids. Although those excursions could be quite the adventure, waking up early and seizing the day is also an adrenaline rush. Be honest with yourself: Are you taking advantage of all the possibilities?

When You're Heading Home

Arguably the most difficult part of any trip is heading back home. On the one hand, you're excited to see your apartment and hang with your dog. But on the other hand, you wish that you could live the island life for a little longer.

You walk to your gate, already frustrated and stressed about everything you need to do the following week. The tension sinks into your shoulders. Did you even go on vacation?

Let's be honest: Life shouldn't be so complicated. If you're dreading going back to work, school, or the same faces at home, then maybe it's time to change things up a bit. Channel that happiness you found on the beach in your everyday life, and you'll never need a vacation again.