30 Captions For Mercury Retrograde, To Get Your 'Gram Through The Cosmic Chaos

Brace yourself, because when Mercury goes into retrograde, your whole world feels like it's been flipped upside down. Suddenly, you're in the alternate universe from Stranger Things, and trying to find your own set of Christmas lights. You're attempting to communicate with your best friends who are seemingly on another planet. (Where's Eleven when you need her the most?) OK, truth be told, Mercury retrograde isn't quite like that. But, every time it comes around, you do feel a bit off your game. Life doesn't always go according to plan, and posting on social media is one of the few ways you can make it better. These Mercury retrograde captions for Instagram will send the message to your followers that the struggle is real.

You might spill your coffee on a Monday morning, or miss your usual subway. Texts won't send, and you may get into little arguments with your best friend. But, the galaxy can mind its own business when it comes to your 'Gram, because your feed will remain strong. You'll prep your posts, edit your pictures to the latest trends, and double-check for spelling errors in your captions. One day, the stars will align again. Right now, though, it's up to you to work with the cosmic chaos.

You could blame all of your problems on Mercury retrograde (Guilty.), or become your very own Millie Bobby Brown and force the energies in the universe to change their course. Sure, you may not affect an entire planet's orbit by any means. But, you'll use your superpowers to make your days less stressful. Find time in between saving the world to post on social media, and don't forget a caption that's rad for the retrograde.

1. "Hey Mercury, it's me. Can you not, right now?" — Unknown

2. "Mercury made me do it." — Unknown

3. "Sorry for the things I said when Mercury was in retrograde." — Unknown

4. "Wake me up when Mercury is no longer in retrograde." — Unknown

5. "Of course I feel too much, I'm a universe of exploding stars." — S. Ajna

6. "Maybe we're getting it all wrong, and it's the stars who are wishing on us." — Erin Van Vuren

7. "Please cancel my subscription to Mercury retrograde." — Unknown

8. "Until further notice, I'll be hiding from Mercury retrograde." — Unknown

9. "Off to find a galaxy where Mercury doesn't go into retrograde." — Unknown

10. "Gotta blast." Jimmy Neutron

11. "Dear Mercury: It's you, not me." — Unknown

12. "Thou shalt not let weird ass energy penetrate the aura." — Unknown

13. "Namast'ay in bed." — Unknown

14. "Good vibes only, please." — Unknown

15. "It takes real planning to organize this kind of chaos." — Mel Odom

16. "We were all lost somehow, but we didn't care. We had, in the chaos, found each other." — Atticus

17. "It's all about finding the calm in the chaos." — Donna Karan

18. "Chaos is a friend of mine." — Bob Dylan

19. "Trying to embrace every moment of Mercury retrograde." — Unknown

20. "Mercury retrograde doesn't go with my outfit." — Unknown

21. "Nothing can stop me, not even Mercury retrograde." — Unknown

22. "It was her chaos that made her beautiful." — Atticus

23. "Choose where your energy goes." — Unknown

24. "Be the energy you want to attract." — Unknown

25. "She had a galaxy in her eyes, a universe in her mind." — Unknown

26. "Pause, breathe, repair your universe, proceed." — Unknown

27. "Grow through what you go through." — Unknown

28. "Without the dark, we'd never see the stars." — Stephenie Meyer

29. "Everything will be good soon, just hang in there, and don't worry too much about it." — Unknown

30. "So long, Mercury retrograde. See you never." — Unknown

When in doubt, curl up on your couch and wait for the universe to calm down. Soon enough, your world will feel at peace again, and the chaos above will fade into the Milky Way. It's truly wild how the planets can affect our moods, schedules, and ability to communicate. You might be feeling confused and frustrated with how things are going right now. But, as always, the galaxy has something good in store with every meaningful shift.

This may be the perfect time to channel your creativity, or take a break from your usual routine. Go out and have a photo shoot in your spare time, courtesy of Mercury retrograde, and don't forget to pick out the perfect caption, too.