Summer Fridays Are Here & These 7 Plans Will Put You In A Sunny State Of Mind

During the sunniest season the year, you get a sweet little escape from the "real world." Your office begins to carry iced coffee on tap, and huge slices of melon, containers of strawberries, and other fresh fruit are on sale at your go-to grocery store. Your favorite restaurants open up their rooftops and outdoor seating areas, and have live music playing while you dig into the seasonal dishes. It's a beautiful taste of the sweet life, especially on the Fridays when your office may close around 1 p.m. instead of 5 p.m. You sign off of your email early and look up things to do on a summer Friday. Can I give you a few suggestions?

Because the hard truth is, you don't want to waste your time scrolling through social media and search engine results. You want to be outside, soaking in the sun beams, making s'mores, and laughing with your BFFs while the sky turns pink. You want to breathe in the fresh air, casually sip some freshly-made lemonade, and read the latest and greatest books on the balcony of your apartment. To you, that's paradise or what you'd like to call your happy place.

Some people would say that paradise is somewhere with waves and palm trees. But you see the beauty in ditching your responsibilities and enjoying where you are. Here are my seven suggestions for things to do on your next summer Friday. They'll definitely put you in a sunny state of mind.

Host A Barbecue With Your Besties

First things first: Summer calls for hanging out with your besties and eating lots of barbecue food. It calls for lemonade, cheeseburgers, corn on the cob, and potato salad. (Oh, and don't forget those hot dogs or legs pics. Those are essential.)

Sure, you could wait until one of the major holidays. But then, you wouldn't be making the most of your summer Friday. You would be sitting around your apartment, dreaming about the tasty spreads and bonfire smells, and sending texts to your besties like, "Can we have a barbecue soon?" Why not, now?

Go Hiking On A Local Trail
Jesse Morrow/Stocksy

As much as you love to be outside 365 days out of the year, summer is probably your favorite time to explore. The extra sunshine and longer days make going to dreamy waterfalls, taking drives to the beach, and kayaking along the coast much more doable.

Have you considered going hiking on a local trail? I think you should. I think you should pack your car up with snacks, good sneakers, and a camera, too. You should get in touch with nature and bask in the beauty of the blooming flowers and trees. It'll make your mind feel refreshed, and your soul feel renewed. Pinky promise.

Take A Surfing Lesson
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Summer is a great time to enjoy the items on your bucket list that you've been talking about since, well, forever. Those items may be a road trip on the West Coast, or zip-lining on a tropical island. It may also be taking a surfing lesson and learning to ride the waves.

You could do this with one of your besties, your sibling, or your significant other who loves anything related to the ocean. After your lesson, you can treat yourself to a smoothie and a pat on the back for accomplishing something pretty rad on a summer Friday.

Check Out A New Restaurant In The City
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If there's one thing I know about the city, it's that there are always new restaurants and eateries opening up. Especially in the summer, there are rooftop bars with signs that say, "Now open," and food trucks that drive through your little corner of the world. Take some time to try their menus.

Dig into the seasonal pasta dishes, and order what the waiter would highly recommend. Go for items that may not be what you would typically order, and unleash your adventurous side. After all, that's what this season is all about — and if you don't like it, somebody else at the table will likely finish it for you.

Grab Homemade Ice Cream With Your SO
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Multiple times during the day, you look at one of your co-workers and say, "I could really go for a scoop right now." You mention how amazing a waffle cone with strawberry ice cream and rainbow sprinkles would taste. Summer Fridays are the time to fulfill those cravings.

Simply, grab your SO and drive to the nearest location that makes your heart melt. If you're hoping to get a sweet pic, then order something that's colorful and will stand out on your feed. Still hungry? Grab another. There's no finale in the Game of Cones.

Spend The Afternoon At An Amusement Park
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TBH, the most exciting way that you can spend your summer Friday is by taking the afternoon to go to an amusement park. You'll feel like sunshine when you're riding the pastel swings or the rollercoasters that go upside-down. You'll also get a rush of adrenaline when you reach the top of the Ferris wheel.

It'll be the complete opposite of sitting at your desk at work and wondering when you can enjoy the sunshine. Just be sure to grab some cotton candy or popcorn while you're there, too. (Actually, can you save me a spot in line? I want to come with.)

Kickstart A Weekend Trip

Last but not least, summer Fridays leave a lot of room in your schedule for travel plans. They allow you to get a head start on your drive to one of the best small beach towns and cities, or at least get your suitcase ready for your long weekend getaway. What more could you ask for?

It's honestly incredible that those few extra hours can make such a difference in your itinerary. They can get you to the vibrant flower fields, right in time for golden hour, or to the airport with plenty of time before you board. That alone will put you in a sunny state of mind, and have you saying, "Wow, I love summer Fridays."