30 Captions To Celebrate Summer Fridays & The Extra Sunshine With Your BFFs

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If you were asked to make a list of all the things you love about summer, you wouldn't know where to start. You'd grab your favorite gel pen and a notebook, and excitedly jot down things like tan lines, vibrant sunsets, and pool parties. Next, you would scribble down flamingo-shaped floats, strawberry ice cream, and the smell of bonfires at the beach. But then, you would be totally flustered because you love, well, everything about this beautiful time of year. You have heart eyes for rooftop hangouts, camping weekends, and days when you get out of work early. Do you need some captions for summer Fridays spent with your BFFs? I think so.

Here's how those days usually go. Your alarm goes off around 7 a.m. and you gently roll out of bed. You wash your face, pour yourself some cold brew, and open your planner to see what's on your schedule for the day. Written in the corner next to the date is a little note that you left yourself about a week ago. The note says, "It's a summer Friday!" Instantly, you feel a rush of energy go from the top of your messy bun to the tip of your colorfully-painted toes. You think, "Am I dreaming still, or is this real life?"

I'm happy to report, it really is a summer Friday. You'll be getting out of work in the mid-afternoon, and kickstarting your weekend plans. You'll be driving down to the beach with your sunscreen, Polaroid camera, and a cooler filled with snacks, or celebrating the extra sunshine right in your backyard. Most importantly, you'll be filling your camera roll with glowing selfies, hilarious candids, and sweet pics of you and your BFFs. Don't forget to post them on social media, OK? Oh, and grab one of these 30 captions for summer Fridays, too.


1. "Enjoy life, eat ice cream."

2. "My good vibes speak for themselves."

3. "Easy, breezy, and beachy."

4. "Peace, love, and lounging in the sun."

5. "There's a 100% chance it's a summer Friday."

6. "Stay in your summer magic, babe."

7. "Girls just wanna take selfies in the sun."

8. "You're pretty barbe-cute."

9. "It's a tanning and tides kind of afternoon."

10. "The more sunshine the merrier."

11. "We're playing ketchup with summer."

12. "Chasing sun beams and happiness with my BFFs."

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13. "Fridays in the summer are sweeter than lemonade."

14. "Hair up. Sunnies on. Notifications off."

15. "Don't be a bummer, enjoy the summer."

16. "She believed she could chill by the pool all afternoon, so she did."

17. "Make pool days a priority."

18. "I believe in the magic of summer Fridays with your best friends."

19. "Doughnut crush my summer dreams."

20. "Cue the confetti. It's a summer Friday."

21. "I haven't been this excited about a Friday since last Friday."

22. "We got that summer Friday feeling."

23. "Dear, Friday. I'm so happy to see you."

24. "Cheers to the freakin' weekend." — Rihanna, "Cheers (Drink To That)

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25. "I've got all the heart eyes for summer Fridays."

26. "Excuse me, I have to go be awesome."

27. "Summer lover since birth."

28. "Happy summer Friday to me."

29. "It's Friday, so that's kind of a party in itself."

30. "Friday. We out."

If your summer Friday plans are still up in the air, that's perfectly OK. You simply need some ideas on what to do with your BFFs, and some #inspo on how you can celebrate the extra sunshine. Personally, I would suggest checking out the best small beach towns and cities around you, and maybe renting a cute cottage for a night or two.

Having a barbecue is always a good idea, too, especially if you're a big fan of s'mores, potato salad, and captioning your Instagram posts with puns that are 100% dad-approved. No matter what, just make sure you post something on social media and truly enjoy yourself. That's what summer and Fridays are really all about.

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