Taylor Swift Evermore Album, Willow Music Video
These 'Evermore'-Inspired Picture Ideas Are A Cottagecore Escape For Your Feed

Taylor Swift's albums never fall short when it comes to inspiration or magic. Her ninth studio album, Evermore, takes folklike stories about love and life to new heights with every poetic lyric, iconic feature, and picture of T. Swift standing in the woods. While you're listening to the tracks attempting to memorize every melody, grab your cardigan, braid your hair, and dive into these Taylor Swift Evermore-inspired Instagram picture ideas.

Each one can be recreated right in your own home with items you likely have lying around. Even though you may desperately want to book a cottagecore-esque trip to upstate New York to mimic Swift's musical escape, you can simply put your camera on a tripod, queue up tracks like"gold rush" or "cowboy like me," and let your imagination wander with these Evermore-inspired picture ideas. (Honestly, that would be very Taylor of you.)

Some of these ideas are inspired by the "willow" music video, where Swift's waiting to be with her soulmate. Others will require you to think about the stories built into Evermore, and your perception of them. For instance, you may picture "coney island" as a carnival at night, or "'tis the damn season" as a local bar around the holidays. Long story short: You should use each of these Evermore-inspired Instagram ideas as a starting point and make them your own.

Lay A Champagne Glass Next To Gold Jewelry
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The story of "champagne problems" is pretty ball-your-eyes-out-worthy. But, with a champagne glass and some gold jewelry, you can still create an inspiring photo for your feed.

Simply lay out these items either on your kitchen table or another flat, plain surface. Shine a bit of light their way to make everything sparkle and glisten. If you have gold glitter laying around, sprinkle some in between your objects as well.

When you're editing the photo afterwards, be sure to boost the contrast and shadows to really make the highlights pop. Add a lyric like, "I dropped your hand while dancing," to set the mood.

Hold Hands With Your SO Under A Tree

Not every single one of Taylor's characters ends up in love. But the "willow" music video tells a story that ends in happily ever after. By the end of the video, the couple is walking out a door hand-in-hand, and seem excited about the life they are entering.

For this picture idea, ask your SO to stand with you under one of the trees in your backyard or neighborhood. Hold hands as the camera clicks, and even take a few pictures where you're walking toward each other, as if to say, "We finally found each other."

Now, the tree you pick doesn't have to be a willow. However, if you can find one, that'll certainly add an Easter egg to this picture idea.

Sit On A Bench With A Pair Of Binoculars

When you first listen to "coney island," you may feel inspired to find a bench to place outside for this picture. Sit on it with a pair of binoculars, and pretend to look around for the love of your life.

Fellow Swifties may pick up on how this idea is a recreation of the heartbreaking line, "I'm sitting on a bench in Coney Island, wondering where did my baby go?" You can add in other Easter eggs like a beachy background, an open brochure showing the centerfold, and a birthday cake, if you'd like.

Place A Card From Your Grandma Next To Your Feet

If you didn't already know, "marjorie" is written about Taylor's late grandma named Marjorie, according to Elle. The song talks about the lessons Taylor learned from her grandma, and all of the pieces of her she wishes she still had, like old grocery store receipts.

With this picture idea, write a love letter to your own grandma, grandpa, aunt, mom, or influential figure in your life. Put a card they wrote you or a piece of their handwriting down near your feet to signal that they're your roots. This photo will also be an ode to the adventure-loving lyric, "You'd always go past where our feet could touch."

Draw Hearts In A Journal Next To A Newspaper
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On Evermore, "tolerate it" mentions a moment when the character draws hearts next to a byline. Take that lyric and run with it. Place a journal next to a bunch of newspapers and take pictures of your hand drawing in it. Or, sit on your couch with a cup of coffee and the position the lens to capture what you're writing on the pages. Who knows, you may write the lyrics to "tolerate it."

Tape Magazine Clippings To Your Wall And Put On Makeup In Front Of Them

"dorothea" is a catchy jam on Evermore that may remind you of a woman leaving her hometown for Hollywood. If you tape the magazine pages you have tucked around your home onto a wall and then put makeup on in front of them, you can surely catch this song's vibe. Just be sure to pose with a mini mirror, a giant foundation brush, and even have your hair wrapped up in a big towel.

Put Your Hair In A Braid And Stand In Your Backyard
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It may seem obvious, but braid your hair and stand in your backyard to recreate the Evermore cover. Although this picture idea may be pretty straightforward, you can still make it your own and it'll come across as timeless.

For a personal touch, wear a jacket that makes you feel so comfortable, or add your favorite flowers to your hair. Talk about what Evermore means to you in the caption of this Taylor Swift-inspired post.