Do These 7 Spontaneous Things On Your Beach Vacay To Seas The Day

Every morning, you wake up to a notification on your phone that says, "Make the most of everything." The message is accompanied by a few emojis like the palm tree, the camera, and the group of yellow sparkles. It's the perfect reminder that you should embrace whatever happens during the day — including the moments when you spill your freshly-made smoothie. It's an affirmation or a mantra that stays in the back of your mind, and encourages you to say "yes" to adventures like going to new coffee shops, driving down to the shore, and splashing around in the waves. Can I suggest some spontaneous things to do at the beach this summer, that'll help you really seas the day? Sweet!

Because, to be honest, seizing the day can be easier said than done. It's like adding items to your bucket list with the intention of checking them off. You may write down "learn how to surf" or "take a tropical trip" in a note on your phone with so much excitement, wanderlust, and passion. But, you may ditch these ideas when you realize that you have to do a little research, purchase a plane ticket, and come up with an itinerary.

You may think, "Well, I'll get around to it," or ignore your inspiring notifications for five more minutes of sleep. Don't get into that habit this summer, and embrace these seven sponteanous things you can do at the beach with your BFFs instead. Got it? Good.

Build A Sand Castle
Marija Strajnic/Stocksy

The first spontaneous thing you should do at the beach is build a sand castle with your BFFs. It's an activity you likely did all the time with your siblings, when you were little and hanging by the shore. So, why not have that experience now that you're older? (The answer seems crystal clear to me.)

Start by gathering up a bunch of buckets, plastic shovels, and water. Then, find a spot in the sand near your towels that is spacious enough for a castle. You could build a structure that's similar to the ones in Game of Thrones, or just a simple tower. It's completely up to you and your artsy side.

Take A Surfing Lesson
Olga Sinenko/Stocksy

If you and your BFFs are feeling adventurous, then you may want to jump into the waves and take a surfing lesson. It's the best way to take your average beach day to the next level. Not to mention, you'll feel like Moana when you're hanging on your board and conquering the sea.

Now, not all beaches offer surfing or private lessons. So, you may need to do some research ahead of time, if you want to participate in this excursion. You may need to find a dreamy spot on the West Coast that has legendary ripcurls and highly recommended instructors. The extra planning will be so worth it, though — I pinky promise.

Join A Volleyball Game
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Every time you go to the beach, you notice the pick-up games going on. There are groups of friends gathered around lines in the sand and volleyball nets, and families that are splitting up into teams for badminton. Do yourself a favor, and join in on the fun. (That would be very spontaneous of you.)

Simply approach the players, and politely ask if they're looking for any subs or additional team members. If they say yes, then introduce yourself to everyone else and take your position. Go over the rules, get to know people during water breaks, and be a good sport. Spoiler alert: You might make a new friend or two.

Rent Bikes Or Scooters
Luke + Mallory Leasure/Stocksy

Being by the water means one thing: You're really close to the best small beach towns and cities in the world. You're minutes away from cute shopping districts, art galleries, family-owned pizza places, and picturesque lighthouses. Take some time to rent a bike or scooter, and experience it all, OK?

Ride through the town with your BFFs, and stop at restaurants and pastel-colored walls that are Instagram-worthy. Speed by the beaches, and breathe in all the good vibes and saltwater air. It'll make your soul feel refreshed, and give you quality memories to take home. You'll think, "Wow! I've truly seas-ed the day."

Grab An Ice Cream Cone
Boris Jovanovic/Stocksy

Here's the scoop: When you're not entirely sure how to seas your beach day, find the nearest ice cream truck or stand. It'll likely be a local place that has sprinkles in massive containers on the counter and homemade flavors you can't get anywhere else. You'll walk in and instantly be greeted by the smell of gummy bears, chocolate kisses, and vanilla swirls.

But, don't just peruse the menu and then walk out. Place an order and spend some time in this one-of-a-kind spot. Grab a waffle cone with a caramel drizzle, a strawberry-inspired treat, or a colorful popsicle. (TBH, no matter what you decide on, you really can't go wrong.)

Listen To Live Music
Kristen Curette Hines/Stocksy

One of my favorite parts of summer is that there's live music everywhere you go. There are local bands playing outside of restaurants, and outdoor concerts going on regularly in the parks. You can catch a show at the shore for around $20, or maybe even for free.

What more could you ask for? Especially when you're hoping to save some money this summer, live music is a great way to make memories on a budget. It creates an atmosphere for you and your BFFs, and lets you dance while the sun goes down. Disco balls, sandy feet, and sparklers, required.

Make S'mores At Sunset
Melanie DeFazio/Stocksy

Let's be honest: Going to the beach is an all-day affair. You get up early, so you can pack some snacks, hit the road, and scope out your patch of sand before everybody else. You spend the entire day relaxing and doing exciting activities. The best way to top it all off is with a bonfire and some s'mores.

You'll want to double-check that the beach you're at allows for bonfires before setting up your logs and pulling out your bags of marshmallows. After getting permission and reviewing the rules, though, don't waste a second not making these delicious treats.

Put a marshmallow on a skewer, wait until it's crispy, and slide it onto a graham cracker with a piece of chocolate. Then, enjoy the rest of your beach day, knowing that you seas every single moment.