7 Pets Being Oh-So-Lazy That'll Make You Say "Same"

Beatrix Boros/Stocksy

The lazy lifestyle isn't just for humans. On our comfiest weekends and slowest mornings, we always have our pets by our side. They're the ultimate cuddle buddies and by far the only ones we'd willingly give space up for on the bed. When we're drinking our coffee, they keep us company (My cat literally sits on the table and watches me.), and longingly look at us when we inevitably have to leave for work. It's doesn't have to be Friday for us to be totally in our "do nothing" feels. These pictures of pets being lazy will make you say "same" and want to switch lifestyles with your furry friend.

Saturdays are meant for sleeping. Winston from New Girl knows it, your pets are probably already on board, and now you have a little bit of this wisdom, too. You've spent the whole week running around and trying your hardest at life's adventures. Now, it's time to slow it down and catch all the Z's.

Truth is, many of us love to be a little lazy. Whether it's putting off our phone updates, letting our closets get cluttered, or calling chicken nuggets a meal -- some of us cut corners wherever we can, because sometimes its just hard to find the motivation. These seven pets will know that struggle and will remind you why it's sometimes so real. Can you still be a good boy if you're sleeping instead of sprinting to catch the ball? Personally, I'd say so.

This Cat Seems Honestly Offended
lola_bella_02 on Twitter

There's nothing worse than when someone questions your lazy lifestyle. Growing up, my mom would always come in on Saturday mornings when I slept a little later than most, and ask if I was ever going to get up. Honestly, I wasn't really sure what my plan was for the day, and was a little offended that she'd expect me to stick to such a schedule on a weekend. Cue Michelle Tanner: How rude!

Life comes at us fast, and this cat looks like she was just trying to enjoy some quality self-care time. Rest and relaxation is so important to helping us recharge, and disconnecting from the busy things is key. We never want to be judged for living our truly best life.

These "Don't Put Me Down For Cardio" Dogs
pzkpzd on Twitter

Does anybody genuinely enjoy running? If you do, please let me know. I want to hear all of the secrets to falling head over heels for cardio.

These pups are along for the ride and all the petting in between, but don't think a bunch of sunshine is going to make them want to walk around the block. That would be absolutely absurd, especially since you have a car. Come on, get with the lazy program.

On any given day, we have this same "keep it simple" attitude. There's no limit to the lazy life unless you make one, and we're sure to make it clear to everyone around us how far we'll go before we're just doing too much.

This Dog Who's Hungry But Also So Lazy
schnauzer_ernie on Twitter

Especially after a long day, nobody wants to cook a full-on dinner. Some of us watch endless amounts of Food Network and get inspired by all of the creative dishes they come up with on Chopped. But, then we might settle for chicken nuggets and tater tots and call it a night. One of these weeks, we'll actually sit down on Pinterest and meal plan a bit.

This dog is equally hungry and lazy, and most of us so know the struggle. At least we have the power to do some grocery shopping and make new and exciting meals. Sometimes we're just too comfy, though -- so a bag of chips it is.

This Cat In Total "Do Not Disturb" Mode
jazstory on Twitter

When we're lounging, we really don't want to be disturbed. We just want to watch our favorite shows in solitude, and are in such a mood when our afternoon naps get cut short by some nonsense.

This cat looks a bit grumpy because his peace of mind has been totally put on pause. Unlike the cats you see on YouTube in shark costumes who ride happily around on Roombas, this one would rather chill on the couch.

This Guinea Pig With All Of The Right Priorities
fangirl_savy on Twitter

When you're lazy, your priorities might be a little different than other people. After all, throwing on an over-sized sweatshirts and a pair of sneakers is much more comfortable and low-maintenance than putting together a full look.

Who knew a guinea pig would know exactly what I mean? This one in particular is determined to stay snuggled, and keep his carrot close. Sure, there are probably better ways to protect his snack than blowing on it from a distance. But, he seems to have the situation under control.

This Bunny Who Didn't Even Make It To The Bed
jovijunkie74 on Twitter

Sometimes when it's midnight and we're multiple blankets deep, it's easier just to curl up right where we are than to wander to bed. I'm oh-so-guilty of falling asleep on the couch and waking up startled hours later with Netflix asking me if I'm still watching (The answer is always yes, even if it's no.) Especially after class, I would come home and just kick my shoes off randomly before taking a much-needed nap.

This bunny has either had a really tough day, or just knows that sometimes being lazy gets the best of you. Putting in effort is hard, and the floor makes a pretty good friend when you're feeling so sleepy.

This Cat Has Been Caught In The Lazy Trap
jseagreen on Twitter

Seriously, have I mentioned that sometimes it's just difficult to motivate ourselves to move? When the snuggle is incredibly real, or we've just found a particularly good spot to hang out -- it's difficult to convince ourselves that life could be any better.

This cat has been caught in the trap that lazy people know all too well. I'm not sure if he was attempting to wrap that present, because if so, that in itself is a pretty difficult feat (especially when you have paws).

Nobody's purr-fect, and living lazy can be a bad habit, but these pets have us saying "same," and counting down the minutes until we can get back in bed.