7 Gifts You Should Buy For Your Bestie's Birthday If She Loves The Lazy Life

Dejan Ristovski/Stocksy

There's nothing quite better than spending a lazy day snuggled up in blankets. Sure, when the semester is in full swing, these days are hard to come by. But, for our laziest friend, no schedule will stop her from living this daydream. Her birthday is right around the corner, and you've planned everything but her present. What do you get someone who just loves to sleep? Truth is, the best gifts for lazy friends will make their lives even easier and speak to their chill lifestyle.

She's the one who gets ready in 10 minutes flat, and is incredibly low-maintenance. She's always down to stay in on a Saturday night, and she's perfected the effortless style. Her messy bun and just a bit of mascara have become her look over the years.

For your lazy bestie's birthday, you might be having a movie marathon instead of a big bash. The party should match the person, and you know she'd want something low-key and cozy. Maybe you planned a surprise sleepover with endless snacks. Pajamas and fluffy slippers sound so ideal, and you know she'd be down for mattress surfing. Do you think Julie Andrews would come and show off her skills? Put me on that guest list, please — just in case.

You love your lazy friend, and she's still so much fun and incredibly passionate — despite loving her sweatpants just the same. Consider getting one of these awesome gifts this year for your laid-back bestie's birthday.

Comfy Cotton Pajamas
J. Crew

Dreamy Cotton Pajama Set In Stripe, $78, J. Crew

Get your lazy friend a gift that will let her sleep in style. She loves spending time in her bed. Next to you, it's probably her best friend. So, for her birthday, give her these cute and comfy cotton pajamas and endless sweet dreams. We should honestly never substitute comfort for fashion, and your bestie knows this best.

A Sloth Tea Infuser

Cute Silicone Tea-Infuser, $8, Amazon

Sloths speak to your lazy friends' souls. If your bestie could hang around all day she would, but for now, she'll channel the vibes of this tea infuser every morning instead. Waking up and getting out of bed can be difficult for anyone, but with this little friend sitting on your cup of caffeine, it's instantly made more manageable.

A Napping Mug

Good At Naps Mug, $8, Etsy

Your lazy friend is probably not a morning person. In fact, sometimes you think she's slightly still a kindergartener, because she so relies on that afternoon nap. Napping isn't for everyone — but for the more sleepy ones among us, it instantly becomes an art form. Get your bestie this gift if she loves her espresso, but the experience of catching some z's as well.

A Scrunchie Set
Urban Outfitters

Days Of The Week Scrunchie Set, $12, Urban Outfitters

Your bestie has the ideal messy bun or beach waves at all times. You seriously don't know how she does it, and probably spend hours trying to land that exact look with all of your products and irons with no luck. Her lazy hairstyles are where she shines, and this scrunchie set will seriously add to her low-key fashion sense.

You can find scrunchies at all kinds of retailers, but these Earth tones will show that she's also so grounded. It's a simple gift, but one she'll love just the same.

A Pair Of Comfy Elephant Pants
The Elephant Pants

Wassana Black Unisex Loungers, $20, The Elephants Pants

Your lazy lady loves to lounge. So, get her a pair of pants she won't hate to put on. If she's anything like me, she truly dreads wearing jeans. They just aren't practical in her carefree lifestyle, and she feels better and more motivated when her legs can move.

Elephants pants are the perfect gift, because they also give back. They come in all sorts of colors and patterns, so you can pick out the perfect one for your bestie and be sure that she'll forever be comfy.

A Flamingo Pool Float

Rose Gold Flamingo Pool Float, $70, PBteen

Is your lazy friend a Leo? Or maybe she's just a summer baby who loves to spend time soaking up the sun? This flamingo pool float will be the perfect gift for her. On a hot day, she loves to lay out in her bathing suit and get a solid tan, and on occasion, she might even throw a bit of a bash for her besties.

Swimming is a lot of work sometimes, but riding a rose gold flamingo will make things much easier — and imagine the social media opportunities! Take some tips from Taylor Swift on how to pose and post the perfect birthday picture with this gift.

A Bath Caddy

Reading Rack Bath Caddy, $44, Wayfair

Your bestie probably loves to spend hours in the bath, surrounded by bubbles and calming candles. You could get her a whole assortment of bath bombs and Epsom salts, and maybe even a loofa to fit her lifestyle. But, a bath caddy would be so much better on her birthday.

The biggest struggle of baths is wanting to do so much but not having the arm strength for it all. Take all of her worries away with this rack that'll hold up her books and keep her soaps safe just the same.