7 Pastel Places Across The Globe That Are Picture-Perfect For Spring

The world is feeling pretty in pastel. Spring has sprung, and everything is blooming — which means that we're living life in a lot more color. In winter, we have to hide away our wanderlust, or hop on a plane to find the most perfect hues. We jet-set to tropical places for the vibrant palm trees and pineapples, or live abroad for awhile where it's warmer and the paninis show off quite the palette. Yeah, our days can be pretty dull, but leave it to traveling to truly brighten up our bucket lists. These pastel places around the world will be picture-perfect for your adventures, and set the tone for spring.

It was Audrey Hepburn who said, "I believe in pink." Millennials nowadays have the same mindset, and lucky for us, our travels can really show us all sides of the spectrum. And without missing a single cup of Starbucks — may I add. (Seriously, they're everywhere!)

There are the saturated teals of the California coast, and the bright pops of yellow on the buildings of Barcelona. Surrounding yourself with beauty can be so simple, and it isn't always just buying a bunch of fresh flowers. Especially when the warm weather hits and you have even more energy, you have to travel.

We could stick to the same old neutrals, and just hang out in our comfort zones. But, our passports deserve some pastel stamps. So, you'll want to check out one of these seven places this spring.

Koon Seng Road In Singapore
jayneytravels on Twitter

Set your sights on Singapore this spring if you're looking for a place that's perfectly pastel. The buildings on Koon Seng Road are painted in pale blues and warm pinks, and decorated with the most intricate windows. Take a taxi to this spot, and then soak in all the spring vibes in person. You'll want to stroll down the street and see all of the shophouses for yourself, especially if you have an eye for design.

These grand masterpieces will transport you to another time, all while curing your most wild wanderlust. Just be sure to be respectful (as you always should be when you're traveling) of the families who live here. You'll feel instantly inspired by your surroundings and want to snap a few pictures.

Notting Hill In London, England
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Life in pastel is so lovely. Maybe you've been hoping to spend some time across the pond — and maybe even stand outside of Buckingham Palace. Like a lot of cities around the world, though, London is large, and there's a lot to see. If you're looking for a place that's pastel, in particular, you should hop on the tube and take an afternoon trip to Notting Hill.

It's the neighborhood we all want to be part of, and full of brightly-painted houses that make us think of The Parent Trap. The area is filled with wonderful restaurants and a whole lot of culture between the carnival that they host and the market on Portobello Road. Just be sure to wander down toward the gate where you can also pick up the tube to see all the delicate colors of the spectrum.

Santorini, Greece
Matteo Colombo/Stocksy

If you didn't get enough of the island life during spring break, then pack your suitcase one more time for Santorini. Getting yourself to the Greek will work wonders for your wanderlust and kissing winter truly goodbye. Surrounding yourself with such perfectly pale blues and stark whites will have your social media feed looking pretty fire as well.

Spend your afternoon soaking up the sun and surf, and maybe even check out a red sand beach that will beyond beautiful, too. You'll want to try the goat cheese and cherry tomatoes, aside from other local cuisine that is nothing short of gourmet. Call it a vacation, or a much-needed getaway — your passport will be happy to have this pastel place in the books.

Lavender Fields In Provence, France
Matteo Colombo/Stocksy

As Meryl Streep says in The Devil Wears Prada, "Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking." Yes, you could probably find some fresh flowers at a local spot, and avoid all the hassle of buying a plane ticket. But, jet-setting to a place like the lavender fields in Provence, France will seriously upgrade your usual spring routine.

There are all sorts of gardens around the world that you might want to visit, but nothing is quite as serene as these fields that stretch as far as the eye can see. Follow your feet down the pathways in between the lavender plants, and let the fresh aroma create an amazing atmosphere. Life is pretty sweet in pink, but purple might be even better.

Big Sur In California
Good Vibrations Images/Stocksy

The California coast will always have the coolest of colors. From the saturated sunsets, to the bright teals of waters along the Pacific Coast Highway — it's everything you could hope for this spring, even if you don't necessarily get the passport stamp to prove your visit to such a pastel place.

There are tons of stops you could make on this West Coast road trip route, but you'll want to spend an afternoon wandering around Big Sur if you're looking to see a beautiful wonder of the world, and a pretty cool waterfall, too. With the cliffs on one side, and the ocean on the other, it's going to be a pretty sweet way to enjoy your spring — if I do say so myself.

Piazzale Michelangelo In Florence, Italy
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For the most perfect pastel experience in Florence, you'll want to go to Piazzale Michelangelo around sunset. Bring a bottle of wine, and maybe even some snacks and hike up a pretty steep set of stairs to get the prettiest view ever. I promise, the slight exhaustion you'll feel once you reach the top is worth the one-of-a-kind experience.

This city is full of a lot of culture and art, so it comes to no surprise that their sunsets would have the most vibrant spectrum for spring, too. When the Tuscan hills are illuminated just right, you'll feel so easily at peace and find yourself daydreaming about the pasta you're going to eat later. Spend your afternoon learning about the famous painters that have come out of this place in museums like the Uffizi Gallery, and then go find a spot in this square with all the #views.

Bo-Kaap In Cape Town, South Africa
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Cape Town isn't just a spot for study abroad students seeking adventure, and those looking to get out of the comfort zone. Sure, while you're there you might want to take a safari or go on an unreal hike to see the entire city. But, the pastel houses in the neighborhood of Bo-Kaap will be sweet for springtime.

Every color you can imagine is painted onto these buildings, with "Tickle Me Pink" (My favorite Crayola crayon color, next to Mac And Cheese yellow — of course.) doors up against mint green walls and the like. It's like your flower garden came to life in architecture, and you can't help but feel like life is a bit brighter when you're in their pastel presence.