After A Breakup, Send Your Fam These 6 Texts To Let Them Know

Letting your loved ones know that your ex was not "The One" can be everything from painful to totally intimidating. Whether you're super close with your fam and tell them everything or you prefer to keep a solid emotional and/or geographical distance — knowing some texts to send your family after a breakup can make sharing the news a little bit easier.

The end of a relationship can mean an overwhelming mixture of emotions. Maybe you and your ex have been fighting for a while and you're actually relieved to call it quits. Or maybe the breakup was completely unexpected and you're feeling totally disrupted. Whatever the case, if letting your family in on the news is helpful for you, sharing with them may be exactly what you need. Still, if you're not comfortable coming forward, you never need to feel pressure to let your family in on all the gory details. Though it may be helpful to be totally open with those around you, it's always OK to take all the time and space you need to heal.

Here are six texts to send your family after a breakup to let them know that your relationship is officially over.

You'll Talk More Later

If you're super close to your family or if you see them in person often, you may feel more comfortable speaking about your breakup IRL. Still, if you just want to get the news out there, you can express concisely that you and your ex are done and note that you'll talk more about it later.

You're Not Ready To Talk

If you're not super close to your fam or you're not ready or interested in really opening up about your breakup, try opening the conversation with something else. Maybe you thank your dad for helping you insure your car last week or ask your aunt how your cousin's massage therapy exam went. You can briefly mention the breakup and then establish that you're not trying to talk about it anymore. Setting a healthy boundary like, "I'm not ready to discuss this," can give you some time and space to heal.

Take The High Road

If you don't like to get super personal with your relatives, being as diplomatic as possible may feel more comfortable. Whether you really are sad to say that you've broken up with your ex or you're actually pretty amped to be single and are feeling ready to mingle, saying something like, "The relationship was special and that I'll love them forever" can get the news across without welcoming too many extra questions.

IMO: This can also be a good move if the breakup was super messy and if there was infidelity or other painful stuff involved and you have no interest in ever talking to your family about it. But your family (like my family) may respond to "I don't want to talk about it" with a million more questions about why I don't want to talk about it. In my experience, taking the high road can kind of put it all to rest.

Be Gracious

Again, from my personal (very queer) experience, sometimes families take a little while to adjust to new partnerships. Of course, regardless of your gender and sexual identity, if your family was always super supportive of your relationship, offering gratitude to them as you express your news may feel comforting for everyone.

Ask For A Phone Call

If you live far away from your family or you can't see them IRL but would prefer to speak in person about the breakup, state the news quickly and then ask for a phone call or video chat. This lets them know that you really need to chat, and also can be a good way to sort of rip off the bandaid of the news before speaking on the phone.

No Questions, Please

I could tell my mother I went down the street to get a coffee and she would have seven million questions about what I wore who I saw on the walk. If the breakup is going to surprise your family or you know they're going to have a million questions, stating that you're ready to answer all (or any) of them before dropping the news can establish that you just want support.

There is no easy way to tell your loved ones about your breakup. Whether you see them in person or send a text, letting your family know that your relationship ended can be an important step in your healing process. Of course, you are a powerhouse and will get through this breakup — and breaking the news to your fam.