6 Sweet Texts To Send Your Earth Sign Partner


Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn: These earth signs don't mess around. Dependable and ambitious, earth signs know what they want and work hard to get it. When it comes to their romantic partnerships, these signs are seriously serious and don't like to mess around. Though they don't always love getting extra attention, they like to know that they are appreciated by their boo. And if you're looking for an extra way to show your earth sign that you're thinking about them, these 10 sweet texts to send your earth sign partner may be the perfect thing.

Whether they're working on a huge deadline for their boss or professor or trying to pick a restaurant to celebrate your anniversary, earth signs are into lists, facts, and planning. Though they're known for getting hot between the sheets, earth signs like to be cool and collected in the streets. While compliments and verbal affirmations are always welcome, earth signs are driven by actions. They want to know that you're pulling your weight in the relationship and that you appreciate all they do for you.

And if you're dating a Virgo, Capricorn, or Taurus, here are six sweet texts to send your earth sign partner.

"I just wanted to say I admire how hard working you are, and I feel so inspired by your ambition."

Earth signs are worker bees. They set big goals for themselves and won't stop until they know they've done their best. Though they work hard regardless of praise, nothing makes an earth sign feel better than being seen and appreciated for their hard work.

"I'd love to take you to dinner to celebrate *insert recent thing they did*! I know you're super busy, let me know what day works for you."

If there's one thing an earth sign appreciates, it's scheduling in advance. Not one to "see where things go," these signs like to know what to expect so they can plan for it. Letting your boo know that you want to do something nice for them in advance will give them time to pick out their outfit and to organize their busy schedules around the date.

"Thank you for always being so reliable."

Earth signs are like the mini-van of the zodiac. Though reliability may not be depicted as the sexiest quality, knowing that someone is safe, practical, and willing to go the distance for you is really special. Creatures of habit, when an earth sign says they'll do something, they stick to their word. Taking a moment to thank your boo for being so reliable and responsible will make them feel super appreciated and cared for.

"I cleaned the apartment and filled your tank with gas."

Maybe you made a reservation for dinner or finally got around to fixing the shelf in the bathroom. Earth signs are action-oriented and will get much more out of hearing that you did something practical and loving for them than just a compliment or verbal affirmation. (Though those are nice too!)

"Stopping for coffee, can I get you anything?"

Not ones for huge displays of affection or grandiose declarations of love, Earth signs just like to be thought of. Doing a small daily action like asking if they need a ride somewhere or offering to pick them up a coffee will let them you that you think about them when they're not around. Actually, "I think about you a lot when you're not around" would be perfect, too.

"Hey, I found that book you were talking about at the library and I checked it out for you!"

Earth signs don't like to harp on things. If they mention something once, they really aren't likely to say it again (though they're completely likely to remember that they already told you). If your earth sign has mentioned that they'd like to go see a certain movie or they've been meaning to buy coconut oil for a month, beating them to it can be a sweet way to show them that you're listening.

Whether you're smooching a Taurus, dating a Virgo, or totally smitten with a Capricorn, dating an earth sign is a super special thing. Reliable and ambitious, texting your earthy boo about their work or offering to do something for them will make them feel loved. After all, earth signs make the earth go round, and giving them some TLC will go an extra-long way.