5 Amazing Things To Celebrate About The Now, Instead Of Dwelling On The Past

I've been told a lot throughout my life that I'm a very positive person. I've had customers come into my retail job and compliment my energy, and my Instagram followers leave comments like, "I love your good vibes!" Thank you, but it's not something that's unique to me. Truth is, I just changed my mindset and stopped dwelling on the past. I realized that there are some things to appreciate in life right now, that some of us don't give the time of day. Girl, promise me you'll look ahead, too, OK?

It's quite possible that focusing so intently on what you want for the future, or what happened in your past, is holding you back. It's keeping you from appreciating, well, everything — from beautiful and genuine friendships to perfectly-poured cups of coffee. It's keeping you from smiling over the little things and the tough lessons you've had to learn along the way. (Don't have arguments over text? Check.)

So, maybe you should consider this a challenge: Focus on the present, live in the moment, and realize that these five things in your life are really pretty great. There's always something worth celebrating, and dwelling on the past isn't the party you're looking for.

Your True Friendships And Relationships

First things first: Take time to appreciate the true friendships and relationships in your life. These are the besties who have been around since day one, or the relatively new people in your crew who truly support and care about you. These are the people that make every day a little bit brighter, even if it's just because they fill your inbox with memes.

They take the time to listen to your wildest stories, or give you advice on your personal problems. They bring you ice cream when you're upset, and confetti when you have a sweet, little victory. All in all, you don't know what you'd do without them helping you grow over the years, and laugh over even the stickiest of situations.

The New Traditions You're Starting

One of the beautiful things happening right now in your life is the beginning of new traditions. You're in your 20s, which means that some of the routines you used to have year after year might be fading away, and they're being replaced by new ones.

You may not be appreciating these traditions as much as you should. So, consider this a reminder: Don't forget to love all the new in your life, and make way for it as much as possible. Everything new is just a sign that the future is slowly unfolding, and there's even more good to look forward to.

Your Moments Of Peace And Quiet
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The times when you're able to simply hang with yourself are worth appreciating. Those are the moments when you get to enjoy your peace and quiet, and disconnect from the "real world." You get to aimlessly scroll on your phone, or ditch your screens altogether. It's refreshing and a serious act of self-care.

Sometimes in these moments, you may dwell on the past. You wonder about all the "what ifs" and "should haves." But then, you change your mindset and put your positive pants on. You realize that you have all this time, space, and energy to focus on you. And that's a blessing in disguise.

The Natural Beauty That's In Your Area

Whether you're in a entirely new area or living in the same place you always have, it's essential to appreciate the natural beauty of where you are. Walk outside and notice how pure white the snow is on the ground, or how amazing the sun looks shining through the trees in the middle of summer. Also, take time to explore your city, even if it's by yourself.

You may notice things that you hadn't before, like colorful walls that would be picture-perfect for Instagram, or new restaurants you have to try. You may find a sweet botanical garden, or a place just outside of your apartment building to plant some flowers. Get the idea? Good.

The Things You've Learned
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It's going to feel really bittersweet, but you should actually appreciate what the past has brought you. You should look back on your moments of heartbreak, confusion, or stress and figure out the lessons that came with each, like: Don't be afraid to say "no" to some opportunities, or always be kind to yourself.

Truth is, the past helped you become the person you are today because of these lessons. It shaped you as an individual in this world, and made you realize your passions, hopes, and dreams for the future — for right now.

Appreciate how far you've come, and that you always have something to learn from life. It'll help you move forward and see everything through a more beautiful lens.