5 Solo Date Nights You Deserve To Take Yourself On This Spring

If you're anything like me, you're still getting used to calling yourself an "adult." At first, the label may have totally knocked you off your feet. You were sitting in your apartment, eating chicken nuggets and tater tots, and were in complete shock. You realized that you know how to pay rent bills on time, and have a grocery shopping schedule that you tend to stick to. What's going to happen next? Where does life go from here? Well, it's a lot more fun and carefree than you might think. This spring, in particular, you'll search for solo date night ideas for adults, and take yourself out on the town.

The truth is, you're part of the "real world" now. You're established as a professional and have mastered how much spaghetti to make for yourself for dinner. (That's a talent that I haven't quite developed yet.) When people ask you questions like, "Where do you see yourself living in the near future," and "Do you see yourself staying in this career," you have some answers. That deserves a round of applause. *Cue the claps.*

More importantly, though, it deserves a solo date night. It deserves taking some time away from your social life and other commitments to make memories with yourself. Deep tissue massages, star gazing, and sweet treats may or may not be inclued. (They will be.) The five ideas you need are right here.

Go To A Show At The Planetarium
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First things first: Head to your local planetarium or observatory for a solo date night this spring. It's the perfect location for fun. It allows you to learn about the universe, and how our entire galaxy works. (Not to mention, you can likely see the moon by looking through one of the high-end telescopes. Cool — or should I say, totally cosmic!)

You'll begin to understand the constellations and all the stories behind them. You may learn about your individual zodiac sign, and what that reveals about your personality. To me, everything related to the stars and outer space is really interesting, and you might find yourself getting lost in it, too.

Try Out A New Dance Or Fitness Class
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Spring is the time when the world is blooming, and you're facing your resolutions for the new year. The snow is melting, and opportunities are beginning to show themselves. Embrace the new, OK?

Start by finding a dance class or something similar in your town or a nearby city. Sign up for aerial yoga, piloxing, or a session of spin, and find a cute workout outfit for the night of. When you get there, make a new friend or enjoy the experience solo. You may end up loving it and wanting to go back the next weekend!

Teach Yourself How To Master Your Favorite Meal
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Being in your 20s makes you realize one thing: You really need to learn how to cook. Making scrambled eggs and toast for dinner is just getting old, am I right?

What would be ideal, though, is being able to cook your favorite meals that you typically only get at restaurants. These might be bowls of penne, covered in vodka sauce and shrimp, or the perfectly-grilled steaks that come with a side of roasted vegetables and potatoes.

Is there a recipe on Pinterest for that? Honestly, there most likely is. And if you follow it correctly, you can have those meals at home any time you please. Simply gather the necessary ingredients, put on an apron, and have yourself a date night in your apartment this spring. (Downloading one of the best apps for adulting may also help with this!)

Stay Overnight At A Hotel And Spa
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Relaxation is the name of the game when you're planning and taking yourself on a solo date this spring. Truth is, it's something that you might not get enough of in the "real world." It's also something that, in between all of your social commitments and career-related activities, you could use the most.

Begin by looking into hotels and spas that are in your area or just a short drive away. Scroll through their packages for rooms, facials, massages, and argan oil treatments — and see what the going rates are for those baths covered in fresh flowers.

It'll be the most rejuvenating night, full of cucumber-infused water, room service, and your favorite romantic comedies. Not to mention, those rose petals in your perfectly-poured tub are made for welcoming spring.

Check Out A Local Food Truck Or Ice Cream Shop
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Date nights with yourself can be so sweet. You can treat yourself to lots of pampering, dress up and go out on the town, or do absolutely nothing at all. Possibly, what makes them even more sweet, though, is having a scoop of something, well, sweet!

Here's the scoop: This spring, when your city or town is starting to bloom, make it a point to check out the local food trucks or a new ice cream shop. Order the most popular item on the menu, or try something that you know you're going to love. (Homemade strawberry ice cream with a chocolate drizzle and rainbow sprinkles? Um, yes please!)

Then, before you dig into it, take a picture of your treat and put it on social media. It's the perfect way to commemorate that Saturday night that you spent solo — falling in love with new recipes, activities, foods, and most importantly, yourself.