10 Apps That Make Adulting Easier For Every 20-Something & You Should Download RN

Girl, let me be the first to welcome you to the real world. You may settle into a new apartment in the middle of Manhattan, and put the iconic picture frame from Friends around the peephole on your door. You'll load up your fridge with the best snacks, and write a message on your bathroom mirror like, "Living the dream!" You'll order a celebratory pizza while you're unpacking your things and organizing your colorful plates and mugs on the shelves, too. Most importantly, you'll pull out your phone and download some apps that make adulting easier.

Truth is, whether you would like to admit it or not, you're considered an adult now. You've reached the age where you are capable of paying rent bills and are answering some of life's toughest questions. (It's OK if you don't totally have everything figured out, though.) You've also reached the decade of your life where you'll rely on your resources a little more.

The real world can and will be tough at times. Right now, you may be feeling a total mix of emotions and thinking, "Is there any way to make it easier?" Yes. And that's exactly where these 10 apps come in.

1. Yummly


First things first: Living on your own or being in your 20s means that you need to get more handy in the kitchen. You'll likely want to know how to cook a basic meal with chicken, or what spices pair particularly well with vegetables. But, where do you even start? Enter the Yummly app.

I heard about this app for the first time a few weeks ago when I was talking with my boyfriend's mom. She showed me all the different recipes you can save, and how they come with detailed instructions and ingredients lists.

Download it, start saving your own "Yums," and then whip yourself up something good for dinner, OK?

2. Zillow


Now, for the 20-something who's still looking for a place to call home sweet home, the Zillow app makes things a lot easier. It breaks down the entire process of finding a house, apartment, or condo, and allows you to see your potential rent bill and other crucial details, before even setting up a tour.

Simply search for the city or area that you want to live in. Filter your results, and then start swiping through the various pictures and listings until you find something that could be a good fit.

3. Venmo


Between rent, cable, internet, and your utilities — well, bills rack up quickly. Every month, you receive a new envelope asking for $100 here and another $50 there. It's #necessary that you pay those bills on time, so that they don't add up or collect a bunch of interest.

But, you might not be the only one paying them. You may have a roommate who's splitting the costs of living with you, or a parent who asks for your half of the phone bill. Download the Venmo app to transfer your funds to where they need to go — to send and receive money that goes toward your expenses. It'll make everything so much easier.

4. Mint


Next to covering your expenses, being an adult means learning how to save your money. It may mean saying "no" to going out on the weekends a few times so that you have funds for a vacation or that new couch you've been looking to buy. It also means creating and sticking to a budget. (Right now, you're thinking, "Um, how do I do that?")

Well, it's quite simple, thanks to the Mint app. Everything related to your finances is in this one place — from your account balances and where you spend your money, to your credit score.

Start by downloading it onto your phone, and inputing your information. Then, track your personal accounts and set yourself some monthly financial goals. Easy peasy, am I right?

5. Qapital


Along the same lines is the Qapital app. Built for saving, investing, and spending, this app allows you to create rules and missions for yourself related to money. Long story short: It makes the most boring part of being an adult into a cool challenge.

For example, do you want to be able to go out on Saturday night without worrying about breaking the bank? Create a rule where you save 10 percent of your paycheck — funds that can later be used for fun.

Do you want to spend more money on experiences than physical items? That sounds like a good idea. Make it your mission to save as much money as possible within a six-month period, and then plan a trip as a reward. (Confetti, in that moment, is required.)

6. Google Tasks

Google Tasks

The Google Tasks app is one of my most recent finds, and it's truly a lifesaver for the 20-something who's looking to get stuff done. Let's be honest: The real world can get busy and overwhelming at times. The items on your mental to-do list add up, and you forget about coffee dates or birthday presents that you needed to buy.

Once you download this app, everything that you usually keep in your head or written down in your planner — every task, meeting, or random note — is in one place. It's organized by date, and broken down into smaller tasks or details. So, you're ready to take on the world at all times. From the second you get it on your phone, you'll be labeling yourself as an adult and a #girlboss.

7. Pinterest


One of the apps I swear by is Pinterest. It has everything from home decor ideas to outfits that I want to recreate. Not to mention, there are so many easy and healthy dinner recipes and motivational quotes — for when adulting gets, well, tough.

If you don't have it already, then let me give you the scoop: Essentially, this app works a lot like your other social media platforms. You can follow other users, and build on your own profile. You can create boards of the things you saved, organized with titles like "Cute Pictures of Puppies" and "Beauty Products to Try." It's full of inspiration, and a constant reminder that things get even better in your 20s. You have dreamy kitchens and DIY projects to look forward to!

8. Groupon


As a 20-something, you're balling on a budget. You're having experiences with your best friends and making memories on the weekends. But, you're also tracking your finances as you go. You may skip out on a few expensive restaurants or deep tissue massages so that you can pay the monthly rent bill.

Girl, same. That's where the Groupon app is life-changing, though. It navigates you to those same pricey sightseeing tours and days at the spa, but lets you add them into your planner at a discounted price. It offers you coupons for comedy shows in the city, and romantic date nights for you and your significant other. Living your best life becomes easier just by hitting "download."

9. Streaks


Sometimes, the best way to tackle the real world is to just get into some good habits. For example, cleaning your apartment on the weekends, or making your bed every morning will make you feel like you really have this adult thing down to a science. And believe it or not, there's an app to help you stay on track with all of these little goals.

The Streaks app is designed to encourage you to make progress, and holds you accountable for your personal goals. Do you want to read for 10 minutes before going to bed? Then grab a book, and tell the app that you completed your pages when you're done. Get used to flossing more, taking daily vitamins, or washing the dishes right after you cook — all within the app.

10. Apple Podcasts

Apple Podcasts

Last but not least is the Apple Podcasts app. If you have an Apple product, then this app is likely already downloaded onto your phone. But, if it's not on your device, then grab it ASAP for one of the best forms of entertainment, like, ever.

In my opinion, podcasts are ideal for when you're cleaning your apartment or tackling any other adult task. They can be funny, interesting, or just start a conversation in your head about the latest issues going on in the world.

My personal favorites are What We Said hosted by influencer Jaci Marie Smith, and her friend Chelsey Jade Curtis, who's also a health coach. I also listen to Call Your Girlfriend on the reg, for lots of real-talk on feminism, politics, and pop culture.

Scroll through and find your favorite ones. Listen to them to make your life as an adult so much easier. Pinky promise, this app (and all the others) won't disappoint.