5 Sexts To Send Your Ex If You're Still Hooking Up That Put The "Ex" In Sex

Sometimes the thing you miss most about your ex is, well, the sex. If you've called it quits but you're still getting frisky, knowing some sexts to send to your ex can be the perfect way to keep the heat alive, even when you're not together (like, literally not in the same room together, but also not romantically together, because you've broken up). Getting it on with an ex can be a carefree and fun way to let your bodies do the talking. After an emotional breakup, sometimes the best way to break the tension is to work it out between the sheets.

Of course, like all things in sex, diving into NSFW texting demands some major conversations about consent. If you and your boo used to sext all the time during your relationship, you may feel comfortable bringing the sexy back even after the breakup. Still, even if you've done it before and you're completely sure they'd be OK with getting a racy text, checking in IRL before getting you're sexy on over the phone can be a very important practice in respecting each other's boundaries.

If you're still going at it after the breakup, here are five sexy texts to send your old flame.

Suzanne Clements/Stocksy
I can't stop thinking about what we just did. We're so bad.

There can be something sexy about doing something taboo. Sending a sext about how you can't believe you did what you did or that you can't stop thinking about it can be a great way to get the sexy ball rolling. If you're not super into graphic sexting (I want your body part near my body part, etc.), saying that you can't stop thinking about "what you did," is the perfect mixture of vague and sexy.

I can't help myself when I'm around you. And I don't want to.

Again, when it comes to sex and sexting, consent is key. Not being able to help or control yourself around your ex is only sexy if you're both consenting to it. After a breakup, you may totally crave their rockin' bod or having sex with them again, so if the situation arises and you get to get funky even after calling it quits, expressing that sentiment can be a great way to start sexting.

What I would give for another hour in bed with you.

Reminding your ex how good your latest hookup was can be another great way to start sexting. Whether you want to do the highlight reel of your latest night together or you want to speculate about the sex you're going to have later, giving a full play-by-play can be a sexy way to get hot over the phone.

If I knew the sex was going to be this good after the breakup, I would have ended things a while ago.

If you and your ex can laugh about your breakup or you both have dark senses of humor (my brand), making a joke about the sex getting better can lighten the tension and validate that whatever you're doing isn't wrong. If you work better as friends or FWB than as partners, the sex may actually get better after a breakup. If you're going to keep getting frisky with an ex, being able to openly talk about your sex life can be an important practice. Using humor can be a great method in starting some bigger and sexier conversations.

Remember when we *insert sexy time*? We should do that again.

Maybe you had the best sex of your life in the back of a mini van on a filing cabinet (senior year was weird). Or perhaps you and your ex took a luxe vacation to Belize while you were together. Regardless, reminding them of a sexy time you had before breaking up can be a great way to stir up some frisky messaging and memories. Whether you list you favorite positions that you used to do or describe your favorite sexy TBT with them, going down memory lane can be a sexy blast from the past.

If you and your ex are both on the sexting train, there's no wrong way to send a sexy message. Although it's important to talk IRL about your boundaries before turning up the heat in your inbox, sexting your ex can be a great way to keep the connection alive. Remember: You can't spell sex without "ex."