5 Sex Moves To Try With A Summer Fling That Will Bring On A Heat Wave

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In my summer fantasy, strappy sandals never give me blisters and all drinks come with little umbrellas. Fashion and fruity bevs aside, summer is the perfect time to live out your fantasies — specifically, the ones between the sheets. If you've finally asked out that cute coworker or you've just starting seeing the sexy artist from your yoga class, you may be thinking of some totally hot sex moves to try with a summer fling. And don't you worry my dear, you have come to the right place.

No matter what the fall may bring, summer is a time to live in the moment and focus on having fun. And what better way to beat the summer heat than trying some new moves? Of course, sex in the summer, like sex in every season, is nothing without first discussing consent. Although getting it on can be spontaneous and zesty — it's always important to be clear that you and your boo are on the same page. Trying new moves is a great way to feel more connected to your fling, but you never want to do anything you don't feel comfortable with.

Here are six sex moves to try with your fling this summer.

High Tied

If you and your boo have been thinking about dipping your toe into the kinky pool — summer swimwear means the perfect time to try some light bondage. After a day of swimming or laying on the beach, use your string bikini top to tie your partner's hands or legs together, or as another type of restraint. With your partner's hands tied, you can totally tempt and tease them — all summer long.

Full Moon

Though you may sleep in the buff all year long, the warm nights of summer are the perfect time to sleep naked. If you and your fling had a big night out or you stayed in to beat the heat — getting naked together and holding each other can be a great way to build intimacy. When sleeping in the nude, try getting frisky in the middle of the night or waking up early to get it on with your fling.

Pretty In Tents

Summer flings are the perfect people to take on an impromptu weekend camping trip. Getting it on in a tent can be a super sexy way to connect with your boo. If you're not the nature type — try making a blanket fort (inside an air-conditioned space) and getting frisky with your summer fling. If you want to be super close, try getting it on in a zipped up sleeping bag, which will make for some intense moments.

Water Works

Imagine you and your fling are on a beautiful picnic when you're met with a summer shower. As you run back inside, your strip off your wet clothes to get totally hot. If you and your boo can time your sex schedule around the rain, some foreplay in the water may be totally steamy. Of course, you can make your own rain by wearing clothes in the shower, or using a hose or kitchen sink. Whatever the method — having a water fight before sex can lead to a totally hot make out session.

Meet & Greet

Summer time means all sorts of public events, local art shows, outdoor concerts, and pop-up restaurants. Pick an event that sounds enticing to you and your fling and think of two characters you can each play. Put on different outfits and totally incapsulate yourself in this new person. Through role play and acting like strangers, you and your boo can pretend to be passing ships in the night. It can be a super sexy way to play with your new fling.

From light bondage to getting a little wet and wild, summer is the perfect time to live your fantasies. If there's something you want to try — talk to your fling about turning up the heat. No matter the temperature this summer, getting it on with your fling is bound to cause a heat wave.

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