5 Mantras To Repeat In Celebration Of Everything Single Life Has To Offer

I’m proud to say I know a thing or two about being single. Most of my adult life, I’ve been working jobs that don’t keep me on a consistent schedule or routine, and my ever-changing life has made it a bit challenging to meet any potential boyfriends. Instead, I’ve become a pro at going it alone, and I have to admit, I’ve grown to really love it. One of my favorite things to do is repeat mantras about single life to remind myself I’m pretty freaking lucky to be crushing life out on my own.

While being single is amazing most of the time, of course there are days when I feel down about it. Many of my friends have been coupled up for years, and sometimes I wish I had someone to snuggle up with at the end of a stressful day. But that’s why positive self-talk can be so useful! When you’re fed up with dating and just wish you could meet someone already, take a deep breath and repeat these sayings to remind yourself of your worth. After all, who better to show yourself some love than you? Single life can be just as rich and fulfilling as life in a relationship — it’s just up to you to take advantage of all it has to offer.

I Am Enough

Repeat after me: I. Don’t. Need. A. Partner. To. Feel. Valuable. One more time for the people in the back! When you believe in your worth, other people will see this confidence in you and naturally gravitate your way. You’ve made it this far in life, and chances are, most of the things you accomplished are because you made them happen. You clearly don’t need anyone else to make you feel happy and fulfilled. You’re a total force on your own, with or without a partner.

I’m Prioritizing Myself

One awesome perk of single life is that you have the opportunity to spend all your time and money on you. Take this solo time as a chance to invest in the things that really matter to you — pick up a new hobby, treat yourself to a night out on the town, and celebrate the fact that you’re not attached to anyone! You have so much space to pursue self-improvement and self-care. After all, no one ever said you couldn’t date yourself, and I personally think this is way more fun than trying to coordinate your life with another human.

I Deserve Love And Care

Rather than rushing into a relationship when it’s convenient and available, you’re holding out for the type of love that is worth waiting for. By doing life out on your own, you’re showing the world that you value yourself enough to be picky about the types of relationships you choose to pursue. You know that love is special and important, and you refuse to settle for less than what you know you deserve.

I Have So Much Freedom

Want to plan a vacation? Pick up and move to a new city? Do something super spontaneous? Do you, because you totally can! Nobody is tying their life to yours, so you have the amazing ability to do whatever suits your fancy. Your life likely won’t be like this forever, so take advantage of the time you have to live according to your own terms. Being young and independent is such an exciting time to invest in yourself, and to check as many items as you can off the bucket list.

My Community Is Amazing

No romantic relationship? No problem. Sometimes friends are way more fun! When you feel lonely, take a minute to remember the people in your life who love and care about you. Chances are, they’ve always got your back and would love to hang out when you’re feeling low. I have my girl gang to thank for supporting me through all the highs and lows, and I wouldn’t trade them for the world. Good luck to my future partner in trying to outdo my favorite ladies!

No matter what your reasons are for being single, don’t forget that you’ve got a great thing going here. Being out on your own is such a gift in its own way, and it gives you the space and time to prioritize your own needs and feelings. Next time you’re so sick of looking at couple photos that you want to delete your Instagram and run away, look in the mirror and repeat these sayings to yourself. You’re a freaking boss, babe!