10 Reasons Your BFF Will Always Make You Happier Than Any Romantic Relationship

by Jamie Kravitz

Sure, romantic relationships are nice, but let's face it: you never have to ask yourself whether you know your best friend better than a boyfriend or girlfriend. Dating is messy and confusing, and there are always new surprises (both good and bad). No matter how long you've been with your partner, your best friend was probably by your side before he or she even came into the picture. Your bestie has been single right there with you, she's seen you in relationships, and you've seen her in them as well. She probably supported your dating app sprees just as much as she had your back during those "I'm an independent woman, I don't need anyone" months.

Basically, platonic friendships are god's gift to the world, while boyfriends and girlfriends are more like icing on the cake. They make things more interesting, sure, but you can live without a significant other. Your relationship with your best friend, on the other hand, is weird and wonderful — and you wouldn't trade her for anything.

She knows you better than you know yourself, so your BFF will always make you happier than any romantic relationship can. While there are hundreds of reasons why your best friend is infinitely better than a boyfriend or girlfriend, here are the top 10.

You never have to overthink things.

Especially when starting a new relationship, it's common to second-guess your interactions, obsess over every single text message, and question why they liked another girl's photo on Instagram. That's where your best friend comes in. When you're trying to figure out why your new beau texted "haha" instead of "lol," your BFF is there to investigate alongside you. You two have known each other forever, so you don't have to worry about saying the wrong thing or misinterpreting her behavior. Your best friend will never send you mixed signals, but your boyfriend or girlfriend might.

You can be completely yourself.

Getting all dressed up for a significant other is a sweet thought, but it requires time and effort on your part. Luckily, you and your best friend are way past that. She saw you through your awkward middle school stage, held your hair back on your messiest college nights out, and has witnessed your eyebrows in all their un-plucked glory. You're just as comfortable wearing an old T-shirt and no makeup in front of her as you are rocking your hottest dress and highest heels. Oh, and when you ask her to snap "one more picture," she knows you mean as many as it takes.

Your best friend will always tell you the truth.

Your boyfriend or girlfriend probably knows better than to tell you your haircut is unflattering to your face shape, if they even noticed at all. Your bestie, on the other hand, would have prevented you from chopping it all off in the first place. She doesn't have to worry about you dumping her, so she is free to be completely honest with you. Whether it's advice on your style choices or calling you out on your attitude, you can always count on your best friend to tell you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

You unselfishly support each other's goals.

While a boyfriend or girlfriend might factor themselves into your big decisions, your best friend will always see the bigger picture. From her perspective, your happiness is what matters most. She wants to see you succeed, whether that means transferring to a school you'll be happier at or quitting your sh*tty retail job and moving across the country to pursue your dreams. Your best friend will never hold you back from achieving your goals, even if it means you have to be apart for a while.

Your best friend gets your obscure pop culture references.

No matter how on point your obscure '90s rom-com references are, you're still going to have to explain them to your partner. But when you quote 10 Things I Hate About You to your bestie, she'll shoot back the next line without hesitation. It might seem like a small detail, but your shared interests only bring you closer together. Sure, you'll watch all the Marvel movies with your boyfriend or girlfriend, but when you and your best friend are together, you can admit you still have no idea why Deadpool is always making X-Men jokes.

You can eat whatever you want.

The longer you're with your partner, the less prim and proper you have to pretend to be. You might still pull that "I'll just have one slice" crap with your SO, but when you and your BFF order pizza, you already know you're getting a whole pie each. Sure, she'll stand by you during those first few meal-prep filled days of Whole30, but as soon as you crack under the pressure, she'll be there waiting with Shake Shack in hand.

Best friends make the best shopping partners.

Dragging your boyfriend or girlfriend to the Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale might sound like a good idea in theory, but they won't tell you that you're never actually going to wear that $5 thong. Your BFF knows your wardrobe better than you do, and she'll stop you from buying yet another floral shirt that looks like every other summer top you own. There's no one you'd rather go shopping with — and when she can't be there with you, she's the one you FaceTime with bikini options from the Target dressing room.

You can be petty and judgmental.

You might keep up a nice girl facade in front of your SO, or maybe they do listen to you complain about that annoying girl from work. But while your boyfriend or girlfriend will mix up Britney from econ and Brittany who you went to high school with, your best friend knows every single person you hate and exactly why you can't stand them. Furthermore, she'll judge their Instagram stories right there with you.

If you fight, you always make up.

Arguments happen, even to the best of friends. Fortunately, though, when you fight with your BFF, you don't have to worry that she'll cut you out of her life. You can send her 20 apology texts without seeming nuts, and showing up at her apartment with "I'm sorry" cookies is an understandable gesture, rather than a stalkerish one. Plus, you can bring up "that one time you got mad at me" and actually laugh about it. With your boyfriend or girlfriend, bringing up a past fight is rarely a good sign.

Your best friend won't break your heart.

You and your bestie have been through thick and thin together. You've grown and changed over the years, but one thing has always stayed the same. You know for a fact that unlike a boyfriend or girlfriend, your BFF will never lie, cheat on you, ghost you, or otherwise break your heart. And if a partner is dumb enough to do any of those things to you, you'll always have your best friend's shoulder to cry on.