8 Promises To Make With Your Best Friends Now & Keep For A Lifetime

Good friends aren't easy to come by, and that's why when you've locked in a BFF, you are holding onto it until the end of time. Your best friend is your lifeline, and even when the world seems so ugly and cruel, she is always your silver lining. You've kept each other's secrets, and most importantly, haven't broken any promises. There are specific promises to make with your best friends that you'll seriously keep for a lifetime, no matter how young you were when you originally made them.

These promises are ones that usually umbrella a bunch of smaller promises. You don't need a playbook to keep track of the promises you should keep with your best friends. When it's a big one, you'll know and you'll have all the faith in the world that they will hold up her end. It's one of the perks of having true, genuine BFFs.

Life is inevitably going to change, but your best friends will always have that same place in your life. It's nice to have something that's not going to drastically do a 360 on you. Sure, you two will grow together, but those promises without an expiration date will always remain planted in your thriving friendship.

Promise To Always Tell The Truth, Even If It's Difficult To Say

Maybe the rest of the world is OK avoiding or sugarcoating the truth, but your BFFs aren't. They're the only people you can always depend on to keep it real. You know that anything they have to say isn't to ever be malicious, and you value their opinion very much.

Promise To Never Let A Relationship Infringe On Your Friendship

Boos will come and go, but your BFFs are permanent. When the right one does come along, they aren't replacing or ruining your friendship. If they're the right special someone for you, they'll blend in perfectly with the flow you and your girls already have going. It will all happen so naturally.

Promise To Always Be The Chill To Their Netflix

Your BFFs are likely your best Netflix and chill partners. They add a whole new level to that chill part, and you love and appreciate that you don't have to be doing something super extravagant to enjoy each other's company. So yeah, promising to remain a good Netflix and chill partner is so very important.

Promise To Never Go To Sleep Mad At Each Other

This sounds so domestic, but it's true. It's excruciating being upset with your BFFs, which is why it probably rarely happens. And when it does, it feels like the world is on pause. Talking things out and resolving the issue should never be delayed when it comes to your ride or dies.

Promise To Keep Each Other On Track Toward Your Goals

You ladies have spent countless nights staying up and talking about those dreams of yours. The journey to accomplishing them isn't easy, but with your loyal confidants by your side, failure isn't an option. Especially as you get older, you need those friends who are going to keep you focused and on your A-game.

Promise To Be Their Voice Of Reason When They're On The Fence

Everyone needs that unbiased voice of reason that's going to lay out the pros, the cons, and then hug you afterwards. This is a promise you never want to lose or have fade away. Life happens, and an immediate answer doesn't always present itself in the timeframe that we want.

Promise To Be There For Damage Control After Any Breakup

Breakups are tough, and they can make you feel so incredibly alone that you just want to scream. With your besties always on speed dial, those trying times won't be erased — but they'll be a lot less stressful. There's no such thing as a perfect breakup, and your BFFs are there for any support you need.

Promise To Never Say Anything Behind Each Other's Back

This is a no brainer, but it has to be said. Naturally, you will and don't ever have a need to say something about your BFFs to someone else that you haven't said to them first. There are enough people in the world who love doing that, and your solid friendship doesn't dabble in that foolishness.

Keeping promises is a big deal when it comes to the BFF relationship. You all are in this for the long haul.