8 Promises To Make Yourself For 2018 To Bring Positive Vibes Your Way

I know we are all tired of hearing that "new year, new you" stuff when New Year's Eve can be seen not too far off in the distance. The concept is a little skewed, but the idea of rejuvenation is there. You're not going to be a whole new you just because of the New Year, and that's why there are promises to make yourself for 2018 when that ball inevitably drops.

Don't necessarily label these "resolutions," either. Some of us tend to not follow through with all of those. Promises to yourself are a lot like that whole unbreakable vow stuff in Harry Potter. Yes, I went there, muggles. Promises to yourself are just that heavy.

You know yourself better than anyone else, so making promises to yourself means something totally different than if someone else was promising something to you. All of the weight is on you, and you know what you are capable of mentally, physically, and emotionally. You set or break the limits you make for yourself, and that's why you're the perfect person to set the real changes you want to make. It's about to get super real, but if you're up for looking a little deeper inside this New Year's Eve, you might end up promising yourself some legit things.

You Will Try To Let Bygones Be Bygones

The past is such a tricky thing. We'd like to think that it stays in our rear view, but because some of us are often set on holding onto grudges, we let the past take a seat up front.

You can't change how things unfolded or how a person wronged you. The only thing you have a handle on is the now. Moving forward and letting it go speaks volumes about your character.

You Will Not Compare Yourself To Others

It's so easy to fall into this trap of comparing the way your life is going to someone else's. I partly blame the way people frame their lives on social media. Whether it's flowered up or not, there's more than one way to trek through this journey called life. Trust in yours, and don't let envy veer your attention away from your own journey.

You Will Make More Time For The Things You Love

Juggling the conflicting responsibilities in our lives can have us feeling spent. Making time for the things you love literally gives you this natural energy to conquer anything that heads your way. It's almost like bliss is your gas, and when you're knee-deep in your passions, you fill up over and over again.

You Won't Accept Less Than You Deserve In a Relationship

Yes, I had to put at least one promise that involves a relationship on this list. I mean, they're sort of a big deal. Knowing what you deserve in a relationship is so important. There's nothing that's more of a disservice to yourself than accepting treatment you do not deserve. You are a unicorn, and no one mismanages a God damn unicorn.

You'll Find Self-Growth Wherever Possible

Self-growth, even if not seen at first, is available in almost everything that we do. Many times, we make the choice ourselves not to partake in it. Letting self-growth naturally happen, without any second guessing or intervening from yourself, will work out for you so much better in the long run.

You'll Tend To Your Mental Health

To say that your mental health is undoubtedly one of the most important things ever would be an understatement. You need to stay in tune with your mental health and the way you're perceiving life, yourself, and the relationships you have with people. The mind is seriously a powerful thing, and you always want to make sure you're treating it with TLC.

You'll Follow Your Gut Instincts More Often

Hesitation is seriously the devil. How many times have you overlooked your gut instinct, did something else, and found out that your initial instinct was a much better route? Do less of second-guessing yourself, and follow that little voice more than you usually do.

You'll Make Yourself A Priority

There's nothing wrong with practicing selflessness, but it can't be at the expense of yourself. You can't continue to put yourself on the back burner because you're always dedicated to helping others first. There needs to be a balance, and since you can only really account for yourself, you don't need to feel bad for making yourself a priority sometimes.

Promises to yourself are super personal, and you're more likely to take them to heart. You don't need the New Year to tell yourself that you're a person of your word.