9 Habits All Best Friends Have That Make Their Relationship Forever Strong

Cleaning your apartment, paying your rent on time, sitting up straight at your desk, and taking out the garbage before it gets too full. These are all great habits to get into to make your daily life better — but did you know that you and your best friend can get into some personal habits that'll help out your friendship? It's true. Habits aren't just for chores or bettering your routine. There are some habits of best friends that ensure your relationship stays strong forever.

I'm sure you've heard that we are creatures of habit. Even though you might consider yourself to be a carefree kind of lady, you can't deny that a solid routine makes everything so much better. So, falling into a few good habits will only make your best friendship the best it can possibly be. Some of my besties live far away from me, but we've remained BFFs for years because of the good habits we got into.

Look back on all of the times you've hung out, and you may start to see some patterns going on there. You might already be on your way to a best friend forever type of relationship. If that's the case, you'll find yourself hardcore relating to these nine things.

She's The First Person You Text When You Have Something To Share

It's something that's second nature to you. When you pull out your phone to text someone, even if it's not your BFF, you find yourself starting to type her name. You have to check yourself a lot, but it's only because you're so used to texting her all of the time to clue her in on your life.

You Jump Into Conversations Like There Was No Time Spent Apart

This comes from just being 100 percent comfortable with your bestie. There is never any awkwardness, and the conversations between you two just naturally flow. You may even live long-distance, but when you're reunited you start talking like you were never apart.

You Sense When Things Are Wrong And Know Exactly How To Fix Them

Being a best friend means you come with some kind of sixth sense where you can just tell when your friend is having a horrible day. Instead of having to ask, you are already in action mode, working to make her day so much better. You either lend an ear to listen via Skype, or show up at her door with pints of ice cream for a much-needed venting session.

You Know How To Have Fun Doing Literally Nothing Together

Your perfect BFF night usually consists of just relaxing at home, ordering takeout from your fave spot, and watching TV in your PJs. You don't need to be constantly doing something to have fun. You instead have fun doing literally nothing. Just as long as your BFF is there, you're having the best Friday night ever.

You Still Laugh At The Same Jokes, And Are Constantly Making New Ones

It's so important for best friends to have epic inside jokes. It's how you cheer each other up, and they're part of the glue that holds you two together. You may think the old ones would lose their spark after awhile, but they still make you laugh uncontrollably.

You Offer Advice Without Reservation

Being a good friend means being open and honest with each other at all times. When your friend is struggling at work or their bae is giving them unnecessary drama, you know when to drop some helpful advice without hesitation. That gut instinct to help is needed — and as a BFF, you have every right to jump in when you want to.

You're Always Smiling When You're Together

You should never walk away from a friend hang upset. Your best friend is there to make you feel better. Just getting into the habit of smiling when you're together will brighten up your day. Even if you're feeling kind of blue, you leave that negativity at the door.

You Challenge Each Other To Try New Hobbies

Even though you could just hang out at home every day together, you do challenge each other to try out new things. That could mean going to live band karaoke, or taking a hip hop dance class. You like to chillax, but these extra activities keep your friendship fresh and exciting.

You Make Each Other Better Versions Of Yourselves

Your best friend should make you want to be a better person. A good friendship isn't based on negativity. Sure, you may have started being friends because you both could complain about the same person in the office kitchen who never puts back his mug, but your friendship isn't just that. Every time you hang out with your friend is like the best movie montage makeover, but for your soul.