5 Instagram Captions For Your Valentine's Day Engagement That Are Bound To Bring On The Likes

Announcing your engagement on Instagram is kind of a big deal. Announcing it on Valentine’s Day takes it to another level. On Feb. 14, countless couples will be declaring their love in different ways, so obviously you’ll want to differentiate your proposal post. Sure, you could go with the tried-and-true “I said yes!” “Put a ring on it,” or a simple heart emoji, but those Instagram captions for your Valentine's Day engagement will hardly make your post stand out. Instead, you’ll need to craft up something a tad more clever — oh, and obviously cute AF.

Here’s the thing. It’s no secret that it’s a popular time of year for engagements. In fact, WeddingWire research revealed that 40 percent of proposals happen between Dec. 24 and Feb. 14, and after Christmas, Valentine’s Day is the top pick for popping the question. So obviously, you’re going to need to get creative with your IG caption if you want your post to shine amidst a sea of other smug couples and #diamondporn close-ups. But what should you say? How can you possibly capture such a powerful, life-altering event while still keeping your caption short and sweet? If you’re itching to announce your Valentine’s Day engagement via Insta, here are a few caption ideas that are bound to bring on the likes.

"Sure beats a Whitman’s sampler."

Michelle Edmonds/Stocksy

Planning on posting a close-up of the ring? You can’t go wrong with this cheeky little caption. People don’t expect humor with engagement posts, especially on Valentine’s Day. You’ll catch them off guard, likely inspire a chuckle, and they won’t be able to resist hitting that “like” button. Besides, we all know the underwhelming feeling of receiving an assorted box of random chocolates on V-day (so I have to bite into it to find out if I’ll hate it? What’s that pink filling, anyway?), and that’s what makes this caption work: It’s relatable, even if you’ve never been given a diamond ring.

"I didn’t say no."

Michela Ravasio/Stocksy

It goes without saying that one of the most overused captions for an engagement post is “I said yes,” or “she said yes.” Turn that phrase on its head with a double negative, which adds a dose of humor to it. The result? A caption that’s still undeniably cute, but not at all cliché.

"Cheers to being partners in wine."

Kate Daigneault/Stocksy

Do your Valentine’s Day plans include a lavish dinner at a local restaurant? Show off your swanky date night, complete with a bottle of wine, and don’t forget to include this charming little caption below your clinking glasses. The beauty of this one is that it manages to strike a balance between romantic and playful. Basically, it says “I’ve found my life partner,” without such obvious or trite language. Besides, if you and bae are wine lovers, this caption perfectly expresses your shared interests.

“Home is wherever I’m with you.”

Studio Firma/Stocksy

If you’re enjoying a low-key Valentine’s Day at home this year, there’s hardly a better way to announce your engagement than with these lyrics by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. It’s the ideal caption for a pic of you and your boo snuggling up together on the couch — complete with your extended hand for a good look at the ring, of course.

"Cat’s out of the bag."

Chelsea Vistoria/Stocksy

Last June, two of my close friends got engaged — and when they posted a pic on Instagram to announce it, they used their cats to do so. Ever since, I’ve been wondering why more couples aren’t leveraging their pets to boast about their proposals. Not everyone loves seeing engagement announcements on their IG feeds, but pretty much everyone loves to see furry little creatures, so basically, it’s a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. Sheer genius, if you ask me.

So, if you or your SO happen to have a cat at home, let them be the ones to share the news on Valentine’s Day. Consider resting your ring-clad hand on your kitty’s paw, or hang the ring by a string around the cat’s neck. Have a pup or any other kind of pet? Then sub that caption for one simple phrase: “Mine fur-ever.” Who doesn’t love a good pun?

There’s no reason why an Instagram engagement post — even one on Valentine’s Day — has to be cheesy. The key is to come up with something that’s not only romantic, but also has personal relevance, and maybe even a pinch of unexpected humor. Rather than cause your followers to roll their eyes or keep scrolling, any of these captions are sure to make them smile — and maybe, just maybe, even believe in love again on Feb. 14.