5 Clever Pics To Take At Fall Fairs That Are Outside Of The Box

To be frank, sometimes it can feel a little cliché to take pictures in the fall. Posing at your local orchard with a pumpkin may feel overdone, or sipping your pumpkin-flavored latte in a flannel may feel overrated. Lucky for you, I know of some fall fair pictures to take that are anything but corny, cheesy, or cliché.

Before I give you some ideas for your upcoming content, I want to make a note that taking those traditional pictures is totally fine. In fact, if it brings you joy, keep doing it. Who cares? Your profile is for you to enjoy and curate. It's a place where you get to document your inside jokes, memories, and autumn nights, so you can look back on them for seasons to come. It's like a passport filled to the brim with stamps or the side of your refrigerator that's loaded with ticket stubs — a place for stories to begin and life to be captured at its finest.

These fall fair pictures are simply some #inspo for when you want to show you're living life outside of the box, but have zero clue where to start. They'll remind you to look up at the lights on the Ferris wheel and blow kisses to every pumpkin. Ready, set, go.

The "Don't Forget To Look Up" Pic
Mauro Grigollo/Stocksy

First things first: If you're going to a fall fair and want to get some unique pics, you have to change up your usual perspective. Take your eyes away for a second from all the sights and sounds happening around you and look up. What you'll find is absolutely mesmerizing.

You'll find glowing lights and whimsical Ferris wheel gondolas. You may see neon signs you hadn't before, or a full moon illuminating the fair grounds. In those moments, you'll want to pull out your camera or phone and point your lens up too. Trust me — the pics you'll get will take your feed to a magical level and encourage your loyal followers to be adventurous and go to the fair themselves.

The "Taking Life One Snack At A Time" Pic
Chelsea Victoria/Stocksy

Let's be honest: Fair food is some of the best food. Next to the cheeseburgers you and your best friends grill during a tailgate, and the homemade apple cider doughnuts from your local orchard, it's what you look forward to the most come fall. So it's only right that you take a "taking life one snack at a time pic" after you race through the ticket booth.

You can get this pic by taking a huge bite of your hot dog and posing for the camera, or cheesin' with your mac and cheese bites before digging into them. Personally, I'd blow a kiss to my plate of fried dough or cheers my ice cream cone with my best friend's. The options are endless and incredibly delicious.

The "It's Not Too Gourd To Be True" Pic
Chelsea Victoria/Stocksy

I'm a fall fanatic, so going to a fair is like a dream come true for me. Ordering caramel apples or pumpkin anything, winning elaborate prizes, and seeing baby goats is how I'd like to spend all my days for the next few months. If you can say the same, then you need to take the "it's not too gourd to be true" pic.

Essentially, this pic requires the cutest pumpkin in the patch and an autumn background like a corn maze or a jam-packed apple orchard. Your best friend, mom, or someone who's in the area and willing to take your picture will get fairly close to you and hit the "capture" button once you've posed with the gourd on your head, in your hand, or playfully in front of your face.

From there, you might edit it with your favorite preset packs and post it on Instagram. Live it up and show off your best fall traditions.

The "It's All Fun And Games Here" Pic
Jamie Grill Atlas/Stocksy

There are tons of games and rides at fall fairs. From the carousel, to the spinner, and the one where you have to throw a ring and hope it lands on a rubber duck, it's hard to know where to begin. Try to make time for everything and take a few "it's all fun and games" pics along the way.

Your feed needs a close-up and colorful shot amongst your other fall #content. It needs to show off the tasty details of your fried dough, or the neon lights strung on the spokes of the rollercoaster. To capture this shot, simply take advantage of the zoom in feature on your camera and click away.

Find the best angles and point your lens in various directions to focus on what people typically don't when they're casually standing in line. Fill the frame with color and channel your inner photographer while you're at it.

The "Follow The Colorful Signs" Pic
Jamie Grill Atlas/Stocksy

If you're looking for a quality pic to take at a fall fair, look no further than the colorful signs at the front gate. They welcome you and your best friends to the event in all its glory, and point you in the right direction for cotton candy, exciting games, and the corn maze.

What you may not have realized, though, is the glowing lights and rainbow-colored arrows are the perfect backdrop. They're made for posing in your oversized flannel, putting a peace sign up in the air, and showing your followers you're more than ready to take on the fall fair. Fall is officially here, so it's time to snap away.