These Clever Bachelorette Party Picture Ideas Are Anything But Cliché

Whether you're getting married or celebrating your bestie saying, "I do," one thing is on your mind: the bachelorette party. This is a weekend or a night spent at a dreamy hotel that's meant for you, your girls, and a bottle or two of champagne. It's meant for exploring a new city like Nashville, Las Vegas, or Charleston, South Carolina, throwing glitter in the air, and dancing until past midnight. So far, you've prepared for it by sending out itineraries to the rest of the bridal crew, and deciding on the outfits you're going to wear. You've looked into rooftop bars, and made reservations for brunch, too. But, you still need clever bachelorette party picture ideas that are anything but cliché.

Don't stress — I'm a self-proclaimed expert of all things related to social media and Instagram. That means I know exactly what props you need to pick up before you start celebrating the bride-to-be, and the filters that'll make your pics glow brighter than the sun. I know the trends that are so overrated, and the ones that are timeless, like mirror selfies, captions with puns, and snaps of the wing of an airplane.

Most importantly, I have a strong imagination that can come up with an endless amount of ideas for photo shoots and Instagram-worthy experiences for your bachelorette party. (Weird brag?) Right now, I'm thinking you and the "I do" crew need to recreate these five ideas that your followers will love, because they are anything but cliché.

The "On Cloud Wine" Picture
Jayme Burrows/Stocksy

The first of these bachelorette party picture ideas is what I like to call, the "on cloud wine" picture. It's for when you're sipping a rosé or frosé with the bride-to-be on a rooftop bar, and soaking up the grape times. It's also for when you're making a toast and reminiscing on the memories you've made, and the even sweeter ones to come.

In that moment, you'll look over at your bestie with a gleaming smile and raise your glass. Someone will be on the other side of the table or reserved room at the winery, with a DSLR camera or phone. They'll snap a few pictures of your glasses clinking together, your bestie laughing into her Pinot Grigio, or you holding up a finger as if to say, "I'll be there in a prosecco."

They'll send the pics to you so that you can find one you like and post it to social media with a wine bachelorette hashtag. Then you'll take a bunch of selfies, too, because wine not?

The "Soaking Up The Single Life" Picture

If you and the bridal crew are heading somewhere with sun, surf, and turf for the bachelorette party, then you should take a "soaking up the single life" picture. That's because the bride is celebrating her last moments of being "single" before she ties the knot. Of course, she's happily committed and in love with her significant other. But, she's also ready to bask in the sunshine, relax, and celebrate this milestone with her closest friends. Pics are #necessary.

Simply lay out on a bunch of towels in the sand, lounge chairs, or pool floats with your besties. You throw on a pair of sunnies, cue a good playlist for the beach, and strike a pose. You can toss a kiss toward the lens, or casually smile to show you're feeling relaxed and refreshed. You can raise your arms over your head, or pretend you're laughing because the bride-to-be said something hilarious like, "What if I forget my wedding dress on the day of?" (You're not going to let that one happen.)

Then, you start adding in props like pineapples and freshly-made smoothies that you've been enjoying all afternoon. Full disclosure: Space in your camera roll will be required.

The "Pride For Our Bride" Picture
Jelena Jojic Tomic/Stocksy

TBH, the most important role of the bridal crew is showing off their pride for the bride. This may be by wearing matching T-shirts, tutus, and pink lipstick, or posting on Instagram with a personalized hashtag. Whatever you and your besties decide works best for you, make sure you post it all over social media.

Show off the specially designed bathing suits you ordered, and the outfits you've been planning for months. Toss some glitter in the air, dance on the sidewalks near your hotel, and put a peace sign or two up in the air to spread your spirit and love.

Then when your followers give you a like and comment with, "Oh my god, where did you get those crewnecks?" send them the link. They're feeling inspired by your bachelorette party, and that's pretty sweet if you ask me.

The "I Love You A Waffle Lot" Picture
Babett Lupaneszku/Stocksy

At some point during the bachelorette party, you and the rest of the bridal crew will probably grab brunch. You'll dress up in your favorite sundresses or jumpsuits, walk into a restaurant that serves bottomless mimosas and blueberry waffles, and spend the entire morning talking and taking pics.

You'll toast to eating, drinking, and getting married, and clink your coffee cups so loud that the table next to you will know you're in #bachelorettemode. Together, you'll share a lot of laughs and inside jokes that are made for Polaroid frames.

Do yourself (and your followers) a favor, OK? Take a few close-up shots of the breakfast food you order. Focus on the dollops of whipped cream on your fancy pancakes, and the syrup that's poured over your French toast. Those pics will be the tastiest addition to your camera roll and Instagram feed.

The "Kisses And Bridal Wishes" Picture
Guille Faingold/Stocksy

Last but not least, if you're in need of some bachelorette party picture ideas, I think you should consider this one: the "kisses and bridal wishes" picture. It's sweet and shows off your unconditional love for your BFF and fellow bridal crew member.

How do you do it? It's simple. Start by grabbing your bestie and finding a colorful wall, a bunch of flowers, or a dreamy skyline for a backdrop. While another one of your besties is taking the picture, go in for a hug and then plop a kiss on the bride-to-be's cheek.

Fill your camera roll with shots like this, where you're sending smooches into the sky or presenting each other with roses you found. When you're looking back on this bachelorette party, those will be the pics that make you think, "Aww, that's so cute," and not cliché.