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40 IG Captions For Summer At Home & Feelin' Cool As A Popsicle


Summer doesn't always have to be filled with beach days and vacays. Some of the best summer days are actually spent relaxing at home and chilling in your very own backyard. For every moment you find yourself taking a nap on your front porch or blending smoothies in your kitchen, you'll need some Instagram captions for summer at home. Adventure doesn't always require a passport. You could be making some epic memories by staying where you are right now.

Create the coziest reading nook in your room so that you can check off every book on your summer reading list. Challenge yourself to try some summery recipes in your kitchen, and have your roomies taste-test them via Instagram Live. Have a vintage mirror photoshoot in your backyard in your new swimsuit, or blast the songs of the summer from your speakers and dance around your living room. The possibilities for fun at home are endless.

Plus, taking a picture does make the memory last longer. So, make this a summer you'll never forget by taking as many photos as you can. Post your fave snaps with ease by using any of these 40 summer captions that work perfectly for your at-home plans.

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1. "Netflix and I have a serious summer fling."

2. "I traveled to a different nation this summer... my imagiNATION."

3. "If you need me, I'll be by the pool."

4. "I'm all booked up this summer."

5. "Late afternoon naps on the porch."

6. "Why go chasing the sun when it can easily just find me at home?"

7. "Summer is my vacation."

8. "I don't vacation, I staycation."

9. "My bed is too comfy to leave it behind."

10. "I've got everything I need right here."

11. "Spontaneous photoshoot at home? Yes, please!"

12. "Summer staycation mode."

13. "I'm dreaming of a sunny summer."

14. "If I want more ice cream, I just go to the kitchen. It's the best."

15. "I couldn't love this summer at home s'more."

16. "I like to camp out close to home."

17. "There's no place like home." — The Wizard of Oz

18. "Home sweet home all summer long."

19. "I'd like to give a shoutout to my A/C for keeping it cool all summer long."

20. "If you need me, I'll be right here."

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21. "Those lazy summer nights with you."

22. "Crushing on this dinner view."

23. "Things are going just swimmingly."

24. "I'm on my own summer schedule."

25. "I like to stay close to the things I love, like my WiFi."

26. "As you can see there's a whole lot of stuff to do before school starts this fall." — Phineas and Ferb

27. "Exactly where I'm meant to be."

28. "Gave my heart to this place a long time ago."

29. "It's so good to be home."

30. "If I'm a boat, home is where my anchor rests."

31. "I always find my way back home."

32. "Find me a cozier bed, and maybe I'll leave. Until then, you can find me here all summer long."

33. "Chillin' and grillin'."

34. "Home's where the sangria is strong."

35. "Cool as a couple of cucumbers."

36. "Floating into the weekend with this resting beach face."

37. "Sweet summertime."

38. "I stay in vacation mode."

39. "Only summer vibes are allowed in this house."

40. "You won't sea me leaving this couch anytime soon."