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10 Things To Do At Home If You Love Getting Caught Up In A Good Book

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There's nothing you love more than getting lost in a good book. A great story can make you feel like you're taking a trip around the globe, when in reality, you're relaxing in bed in your PJs. There are actually a lot of things to do at home if you love reading that aren't the obvious turning pages in your latest novel.

Of course, you have a stack full of books you can't wait to dig into, but instead of powering through them all as quickly as possible, you may want to switch things up. From virtual books clubs to surprise book bundles, you have the chance to really give yourself some fresh reading-themed activities.

Not only can you add different books to your reading list, but when you're home, you can create the coziest reading nook of all time or try a few recipes that fit the theme of what you're reading to bring the experience full circle. Needless to say, it's time to flip the script and try any of these 10 activities for readers. Make your days like those exciting page turners you love so much, and ensure you always have something exciting coming up in the next chapter.

Create A Cozy Reading Nook
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It's about time you create your very own reading nook. It can be near your favorite window or a cozy corner in your apartment. Add fluffy pillows and blankets for maximum comfort, and don't forget to string up some fairy lights to complete the #mood. Once you have a special place for reading, you'll never want to leave.

Get A Surprise Book Bundle

You're always looking for suggestions on what to read next. You love browsing the shelves at your fave bookstore for something that catches your eye and spending hours reading reviews on book blogs.

However, to switch things up, how about ordering yourself a surprise book delivery? Order a curated book bundle from The Last Bookstore in LA, treat yourself to a surprise subscription box from Page 1, or become a member of the Book of the Month club. Based on your preferences, you'll receive new reads delivered straight to your door.

Start A Virtual Book Club With Your BFFs

To keep you connected to your long-distance, book-loving besties, why not start a virtual book club? Pick out one book a month that you're all excited to read. Then, plan a Zoom get-together for the end of the month where you can chat, sip some wine, and discuss the book together.

Get A Summer Reading List From Your Friends

Growing up, you may have looked forward to your summer reading list. You couldn't wait to check off every single book. You can still channel that love with your besties nowadays by asking them for a list of their current favorite reads. Try to finish the whole thing by the end of the summer.

Start A Community Book Exchange

If you're looking to borrow and share books with your friends, start a community book exchange. Create a virtual group on like Facebook or via group text where people can post what books they have for people to borrow. Once you're done reading, pass it on to someone else who's interested.

Organize Your Bookshelves

Your bookshelves might need a little TLC. If you haven't had time to organize them lately, now is your chance. Either organize your books alphabetically or have fun with it by organizing them via color. Start this DIY project off by getting bookshelf inspo on Pinterest and finally giving yourself the bookshelves of your dreams.

Make Some Themed Snacks To Enjoy While Reading

If you like pairing your read with a yummy treat, make yourself some snacks that are on theme with whatever book you're reading. Make a pitstop in the kitchen beforehand to get yourself a slice of seed cake from Jane Eyre or bread inspired by Peeta in The Hunger Games. You'll also want to have a plate of chocolate chip cookies nearby after reading about Lara Jean's cookie recipes in To All the Boys I've Loved Before.

Host "Movies Based On Books" Night With Your BFFs

If you and your besties enjoy having virtual movie nights together, you can suggest movies based on books. You'll read the books beforehand, and then, watch the movie all together. Then, afterwards, you can talk about the differences. This works whether you want to watch an action movie like The Hunger Games or something romantic like The Last Song.

Get Yourself A Reading Mug

Sipping your fave tea while reading a book is the best combo. It's time you got yourself a special reading mug. There are a ton of cute mugs on Etsy that perfectly capture your love of reading. Order some delicious teas as well, like a tea box filled with women-owned tea brands.

Support Your Community And A Good Cause With Your Book Purchases

When you're looking to update your forever-growing bookshelf, you can purchase a book online that shows your continual support for the Black community and your favorite local stores. In addition, you can shop books online where the net proceeds are donated to different charities such as The Trevor Project, Cancer Research, and others. With your purchase, you know your money will be going towards a great cause.

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