Three sisters on Christmas morning, snuggle together while wearing festive loungewear.

40 Insta Captions For Christmas Morning Loungewear & Being Cozy AF

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Christmas morning was made for festive loungewear, sippin' hot cocoa, and wrapping yourself up in a blanket. Show off the cozy queen you are by posting a snuggly pic along with Instagram captions for Christmas morning loungewear. This should be step one of your fun-filled day of opening presents, feasting on delicious dishes, and spending quality time with the people you love.

You don't even need to change out of your Christmas morning loungewear all day. As a matter of fact, it should be declared that the official attire of Christmas day is holiday pjs. (Throw on an eye mask while you're at it, too.) Whether you're wearing traditional flannel or matching onesies with your roomies, it's totally acceptable to channel the comfy vibe all day long. Since Christmas is all about making memories, you can guarantee a few Insta snaps are bound to happen as well.

Get a group photo of you and your housemates toasting your mimosas in front of the tree. If everyone decides to wear matching crewnecks, even better. You'll be prepared to post your snaps right away with some Christmas morning loungewear captions ready to go. So gear up to sip, snap, and post, then get back to cookie decorating and watching holiday movies on the couch.

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1. "I'm only a morning person on December 25."

2. "Have yourself a very loungewear Christmas."

3. "If it's comfy, I'm probably already wearing it."

4. "Coffee, Christmas, and pjs."

5. "I just want to eat Christmas cookies on this couch all day."

6. "Hope your holidays are cozy AF."

7. "Oh deer, I'm too cozy to move."

8. "A messy bun on Christmas morning is totally acceptable."

9. "I believe in Santa, because he's the only person who can get me to wake up right away without pressing snooze. That's magic."

10. "May your morning be merry, bright, and cozy AF."

11. "It really coffeels like Christmas."

12. "It's Christmas sweater weather."

13. "Wrapping presents < wrapping myself up in blankets."

14. "Oh Christmas tea, oh Christmas tea."

15. "I've got a latte love this Christmas."

16. "It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas."

17. "What a brewtiful Christmas morning."

18. "I came to sleigh in my holiday pjs."

19. "I've found the onesie for me."

20. "Fleece Navidad."

21. "Make them stop and stare, even in your holiday loungewear."

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22. "Life is better in pajamas."

23. "Hot cocoa and fuzzy socks."

24. "Felt cute. Might snuggle a little more."

25. "Loungewear, don't care."

26. "'Tis the season to be cozy."

27. "I can't espresso how much I love lounging around."

28. "These pajama pants mocha me so happy."

29. "Feeling treemendous."

30. "Christmas morning elfie."

31. "My plans today include drinking hot cocoa and never leaving this couch."

32. "I'm red-y for a cozy Christmas."

33. "On holidays, we wear loungewear."

34. "I fa-la-la-love a matching Christmas set."

35. "Today, I'm ditching the glass slippers for some furry ones."

36. "All spruced up and going nowhere."

37. "The snuggle is real, especially on Christmas."

38. "Spreading the Christmas coziness."

39. "You can't get your tinsel in a tangle if you're just lounging around all day."

40. "The crew is really #twinning with this Christmas lewk."