A happy woman wearing holiday loungewear, sips on hot cocoa, while relaxing on her bed.

35 Cozy Captions For Chillin' In Your Holiday Loungewear All Season Long

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The best part of the holidays is finding the coziest loungewear you can relax in all season long. While you're watching Christmas classics with your housemates or sippin' some hot cocoa, snapping cute selfies is a given. With some Instagram captions for holiday loungewear ready to go, you don't even have to put any work in your post.

It's not just sweater weather — it's full-on holiday loungewear time. You can never have too many matching flannel sets and festive long Janes to wear as you're working from home or relaxing with a good book on weekends. Insta-worthy loungewear pieces have become a staple in your closet. With the holidays around the corner, it's time to invest in some festive items to put you in the spirit of the season.

Any new wardrobe change is worthy of a photoshoot, and your various holiday loungewear is no exception. Get a selfie of you sipping a delicious Black Button Bourbon cocktail inspired by Ralphie's bunny pajamas from A Christmas Story, while watching the movie. Set your camera on self-timer and snap a picture of you lounging in bed after decorating your room to look like a winter wonderland. And, of course, you need a group pic with your family or housemates on Christmas in your matching PJs.

When the time comes to post your pics, you'll be all set with these 35 holiday loungewear Instagram captions. It really is that easy.

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1. "Oh Christmas tea. Oh Christmas tea."

2. "I'm beginning to dress a lot like Christmas."

3. "If it's cozy, I want to wear it."

4. "I love Christmas PJs weather."

5. "The only thing getting lit this holiday season is a nice balsam candle."

6. "My favorite kind of tea is frost-tea."

7. "I've got a lot of holiday spirit."

8. "I came to sleigh the holiday season."

9. "Christmas pajamas all day, every day."

10. "I've found the onesie for me."

11. "I like to jammie out to holiday music."

12. "I'll be home for Christmas... and have no plans of going anywhere else."

13. "Lounging in Christmas."

14. "This is what they mean when they say the snuggle is real."

15. "Fleece Navidad."

16. "'Tis the season to be cozy."

17. "All I want for Christmas is flannel."

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18. "I'm dreaming of a flannel Christmas."

19. "We wish you a cozy Christmas."

20. "We go together like pajamas and hot chocolate."

21. "Cinderella can keep her glass slippers. I prefer mine fuzzy."

22. "These are the cutest holiday pajamas. Don't you agreen?"

23. "I'm red-y for Christmas in my flannel pajamas."

24. "On holidays, we wear loungewear."

25. "Words cannot espresso how much I love PJs."

26. "Walking in a cozy wonderland."

27. "The holidays call for PJs."

28. "Snow-ballin."

29. "Feeling tree-mendous in my holiday loungewear."

30. "SANTA! I know him." — Elf

31. "Rocking around the Christmas tree in my Christmas PJs."

32. "Felt cute. Might go watch 'The Santa Clause' again."

33. "All I want for Christmas is loungewear and a couch."

34. "I'm feeling fa la la lovely."

35. "All spruced up and nowhere to go."

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