Pisces is one of the zodiac signs who send the hottest sexts

These 4 Zodiac Signs Send Scorching Hot Sexts, So Enjoy

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For some people, sexting is scarier than giving themselves bangs... with nail clippers... while wearing a blindfold. For others, sending a dirty text message is second nature (and TBH, the best sexters could probably fire off a hot sext even while blindfolded). Composing a sext involves a little imagination and a lot of confidence, and the zodiac signs who send the hottest sexts never settle for a simple "u up?" For these flirtatious signs, sexting is an art, and the recipient of their messages is usually left blushing (but also incredibly turned on).

As dating coach and relationship expert James Preece previously told Elite Daily, "Texting is one of the best ways of keeping a relationship interesting — you can use it to tease, tempt, and flirt while you are apart." Whether you've been away from each other for a month or for an afternoon, sending a sexy text is a great way to build anticipation for your next meeting (and to keep both you and your partner satisfied in the meantime). From describing fantasies to asking naughty questions, the options for sexting are limitless, but these four zodiac signs know better than anyone how to tease, tempt, and flirt with wildly clever (and totally filthy) texts.

Aquarius (Jan. 20—Feb. 18)
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Theory: The best erotica writers are all Aquarians. While those born under this sign may come off as aloof, these individuals are a lot more intense than you might think. No, they're definitely not romantics, but believe it or not, Aquarians are secretly freaky in the sheets. These natural-born artists have wild imaginations, and they have the eloquence to express those creative desires via text. If you're dating an Aquarius, you should be careful about reading their texts in public, because they might just be NSFW.

Pisces (Feb. 19—March 20)

If there's anyone who spends the majority of their time concocting hot fantasies, it's a Pisces. These dreamers are total romantics, and while they may not be known as the sexiest sign, there's no denying that Pisceans are major pleasure-seekers. Sexting for them is a fun escape from reality, and it's the perfect outlet for their creativity. Like Aquarians, those born under Pisces were born to be writers, and whether they're writing love poems or describing an idea for a new sex position, the result is nothing short of art.

Aries (March 21—April 19)
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Unlike Aquarius and Pisces, Aries don't tend to have a reputation as artists, but they do have a knack for expressing their desires. Those born under this sign are known for their confidence, impulsivity, and need to be on top (usually literally), so they won't hesitate to send an explicit text. Rather than playing coy, Aries tend to get right to the point, which means telling their partners what they want and when they want it. Shy? Aries don't know the meaning of the word.

Gemini (May 21—June 20)

If sexting was an Olympic sport, Gemini would take home the gold every time. Seeing as Geminis are typically blessed with wit, ingenuity, and a total lack of inhibition, it makes sense that they have no shame in their sexting game. Don't expect an unimaginative "I'm horny" text or a lame eggplant emoji from your Gemini SO. When they sext, their messages are usually so filthy that you'll want to sanitize your phone after reading them. Bottom line: Their dirty talk rocks.

If sexting is a skill that you're looking to master, then I suggest turning to one of these expert sexters for advice.


James Preece, dating coach and relationship expert