The Myers-Briggs personality types who are fun to date tend to be adventurous and spontaneous.
4 Personality Types Who Are SO Fun To Date, So Let Your Hair Down


What’s a relationship without fun? Sure, trust, compatibility, and communication are all key. But TBH, pure pleasure and amusement are underrated. It’s just as important that you and your boo can let loose and laugh together because doing so can have a powerful bonding effect. And while every individual has their own unique fun factor to bring to the table, there are particular Myers-Briggs personality types who are especially fun to date.

According to a 2011 Utah State University report on the importance of play, having fun together allows couples to feel more positive emotions, thus increasing their relationship satisfaction while also helping them to overcome differences and work through difficult challenges more easily. But it’s important to note that fun is a subjective idea — to some, it means having an intimate picnic in the park, or holing up at home with some comfort food and a Netflix comedy. To others, it means going wakeboarding, or engaging in a thrilling round of paintball. Ultimately, it’s all about finding a partner who shares your same definition of fun.

So, looking for a significant other who brings the excitement 24/7? Let’s just say there’s never a dull moment when you’re dating one of these types.


The Campaigner has an endless zest for life that’s bound to rub off on you while dating them. Optimistic, adventurous, and spontaneous by nature, they’re the kind of partner to take impromptu road trips or crash weddings with. They also have a knack for making a conversation interesting, no matter who they’re talking to or what the subject matter is. So, even if you’re a tad on the shy side, you can trust that en ENFP will inspire you to let your guard down and drag the fun out of you.

BTW, ENFPs are always up for a challenge, so you're in good hands if you enjoy a little healthy competition to keep the spark alive. As long as you can challenge them, keep up with their continually evolving interests, and respect their need for freedom, you’ll be rewarded with an immensely exciting relationship.


The Entrepreneur’s energy truly knows no bounds. So, if you like active dates with a little excitement, an ESTP will surely deliver. They’re always seeking out experiences that engage as many of their senses as possible, like a wine tasting at a picturesque vineyard, a concert at a cool venue, or taking a hike on a scenic trail. The best part? They don’t take themselves too seriously, which just may bring out your playful side, too.

The ESTP is certainly a thrill-seeker at heart, but that doesn’t mean they can’t handle committed long-term relationships. Rather, they tend to explore a lot of different dating possibilities until someone special comes along who intrigues them. Not only are ESTPs super witty, sensual, and spontaneous, but they also tend to be super in tune with their SO’s needs, which can obviously come in handy when you're hashing out your ideal form of fun on a Friday night.


Don’t be fooled by The Virtuoso’s quiet side — they’re actually incredibly adventurous and fun-loving. Since this super intellectual personality type spends so much time exploring new ideas and theories, these creative thinkers always have something interesting to add to the conversation. And they’re always down for anything, whether it’s trying out an extreme sport or challenging their mind at trivia night.

ISTPs are notorious for their risk-taking behaviors. That means their idea of fun could mean anything from bungee jumping or surfing to hang gliding or dirt biking. In other words, dating this personality type is like a nonstop amusement park ride. So, hopefully you enjoy the occasional adrenaline rush.


“The Entertainer” — that’s the nickname for this personality type, and it pretty much tells you everything you need to know. Fun-loving, charming, vivacious, and a little bit impulsive, the ESFP epitomizes the life of the party. And dating them is a blast because they’re always seeking out novel experiences, whether that means trying out an Indonesian restaurant, dancing the night away at a new club, or deciding to camp out at a music festival at the last minute.

The ESFP has a tendency to leap before they look in terms of dating, but they also aren’t usually in a rush to get serious. Once they do meet someone that’s down to share in the excitement life has to offer, however, they’re all in. Best of all, they approach every single thing they do with enthusiasm, and TBH, it’s kind of infectious.


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