5 Signs Your Relationship Is Full Of Fun, Because Laughter Is Key To Love

When you think of a rock-solid relationship, some elements that may come to mind are trust, honesty, support, and communication. Surely, these are all key to forming a strong, lasting bond. But what about fun — as in, pure pleasure and amusement? It’s an often overlooked aspect of a happy, healthy relationship, but it’s equally important. After all, while facing some of the curveballs that life inevitably throws your way, you and bae will definitely need to be able to find some levity together. Luckily, there are some signs your relationship is full of fun to look out for.

What does fun look like in a relationship? First, let’s talk about what it’s not. The opposite of this adjective, according to The Oxford Dictionary, is boring and serious. In other words, if you’re constantly scrolling through your social media feeds while in the presence of your partner, and/or feel like you’ve lost that ability to laugh something off with them, that could indicate that you have a deficiency in the fun department.

But here’s the thing about fun. In the beginning, your relationship is inherently chock full of it. There’s so much natural excitement because you’re still getting to know each other. Every experience you have together feels new and exciting. As time goes on, it becomes more challenging to maintain that sense of fun — but not impossible. Here are some signs you and your boo have been able to keep the fun of alive.

You're always mixing it up.
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Are you and bae constantly trying new things, whether that means switching up your sex positions or hitting up a different restaurant for dinner? This is a crucial component of preventing you from getting stuck in a rut because it infuses a sense of novelty into your bond.

Remember in those first few months of dating, when everything felt fresh and exciting? You've been able to keep that feeling rolling by constantly trying new experiences, like taking a cooking class, checking out a new brewery, or packing a picnic lunch instead of your typical dinner date.

Spontaneity is your jam.

Some people are naturally spontaneous. They make spur of the moment decisions to hop on a flight to somewhere they’ve never been, or dye their hair neon pink. Not all of us are like this by nature — some of us are more inclined to make plans ahead of time, and stick to them (*raises hand*). But when your relationship is full of fun, you tend to bring out a sense of spontaneity in each other, regardless of your personal tendencies. As a result, your relationship feels like an ongoing adventure.

This doesn't require anything dramatic, either. Small gestures like surprising your partner with tickets you snagged last minute to see their favorite band, or taking a mini road trip on your day off together, offer enough spontaneity to make your relationship fun.

You push each other outside of your comfort zones.
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One of the best things about being in a relationship with someone who compliments your personality is that they can encourage you to push your boundaries a bit. And getting out of your comfort zone together allows you to grow together.

For example, if you’re a little risk averse but you’ve still mustered up the courage to go ziplining with your boo, that’s a solid indicator that your relationship is brimming with fun. When we stay inside of our comfort zones, it stifles our personal development and potential. So if you and bae are continually encouraging each other to sign up for that 10K or get up on stage and belt out that karaoke song, that’s a great sign.

Other couples are clamoring for double dates.
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Do a lot of other couples tend to initiate plans with you? If you and your partner are very in-demand for double dates — whether home-cooked dinners at their houses, bowling at a local alley, or tapas at a new hotspot — there’s a good chance it’s because your relationship is fun AF.

That feeling of fun is contagious, and unsurprisingly, other couples want in on it. They feel a sense of excitement and laugh more simply by being around you — and perhaps that rubs off on their own relationship, giving them a renewed sense of fun with each other. No doubt about it — you and bae are #CoupleGoals.

You’re able to laugh at yourselves.
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As it turns out, not taking yourselves too seriously is another indicator of a fun relationship. Why? By acknowledging (and chuckling at) your own flaws, you subconsciously encourage your boo to do the same. As a result, you feel increasingly comfortable around each other. And not only do you fuel each other’s self-compassion and self-acceptance, but you're also able to find the levity in almost any situation.

So if you and bae are able to laugh at yourselves together, you reinforce the notion that your imperfections are still lovable. Rather than dwelling on or agonizing about your imperfections, you use your them as an opportunity to crack up together. And if you can find fun in your own blunders, you can find fun in anything.

You’ve probably heard time and again that relationships are hard work. But while they do require some serious energy, effort, and compromise, it’s all well worth it as long as it’s fun. If any of these signs sound familiar, chances are your relationship is anything but boring — and provided you can keep that excitement and enjoyment alive, you and bae are prepared to face anything with a killer combo of laughter and love.