8 Ways Dating A Spontaneous Person Will Make Every Day An Adventure

by Cashie Rohaly

Spontaneity is something we strive to always have in our lives. But, we cannot plan spontaneous moments because that would completely defeat the purpose of them.

The ability to indulge in impulse decisions comes only when the opportunity arises.

We spend way too much money when a persuasive sales clerk dares us to treat ourselves and we say, “f*ck it” to our diets and order the chocolate cake when the waiter offers us a dessert menu.

Both of these are moments that encourage us to be spontaneous, but neither of them compare to the impulsive lifestyle that is lived when you are dating a spontaneity-junkie.

Being in a relationship with a spontaneous person is, for lack of a less clichéd simile, like a roller coaster.

There are moments that may lead to motion sickness due to a constant change in pace, direction and speed, but the dynamic elements of this relationship are completely enticing and can give us a rush like no other:

1. You'll get the chance to fall in love over and over again.

It is rather invigorating to be in a relationship with someone who is relentlessly spontaneous.

Seeing as this person is always trying to spice up his or her everyday lifestyle, the two of you will be sure to experience some wild times together, even long after you started dating.

This spur-of-the-moment lifestyle allows you to preserve the body-tingling stomach drop with each text message.

The feelings you experience in the early stages of a relationship never really go away.

Being with someone who loves mixing it up allows you to fall in love over and over again, which makes spontaneous people rejuvenating partners.

2. When it rains, it pours.

Despite the lack of planning, you'll begin to see that a truly spontaneous person does not half-ass his or her journeys.

While some adventures may seem like they are on a smaller scale compared to others, they all are alike in the respect that they have profound meaning and purpose.

3. Expect the unexpected.

Of course, this takes away from the excitement of not knowing what is about to happen, but unlike regular relationships, it won't be easy to predict what your partner's next move will be.

Say he or she surprises you with a vacation to an undisclosed destination.

You know damn well you could be going anywhere green on the globe, so pack everything from a bikini to a burka.

4. Irregular will become your new regular.

With a spontaneous lifestyle comes an inability to have a grasp what is typically defined as normalcy. You will go to different places, try different things and meet different people.

So, while you may feel like a foreigner outside of your relationship, it will allow you and your partner to get to know each other on a deeper level because you will be each other's beautiful constants in a world of beautiful change and strangers.

5. You'll begin to forget the meaning of the word "regret."

If you do not begin to feel like regret is another word for much-needed experience, you probably should not date a spontaneous person because these kinds of people live with a "why not?" mentality.

6. Be careful when making jokes.

If you joke around and say you just want to go to Europe for a weekend, your spontaneous SO will drop everything he or she is doing, buy tickets and pack his or her bags before you can say, "just kidding."

It'll be the most expensive joke you'll ever make.

7. You'll be exhausted...

Since you won't really have a consistent schedule in this relationship, you will have difficulty finding time to sleep.

One date can be watching a sunrise, the next date can be watching a sunset and you'll probably have some sex in-between the two (but again, you'll never know when or where).

8. ...Yet you'll be satisfied.

While this life of exhaustion will sometimes make you miss your single life and your daily routine, you'll always appreciate the fact that your partner encourages you to stop running through the motions and start living more freely.

Think about it; do you tell the story about how you got eight solid hours of sleep at dinner parties or do you talk about the time you were partying in Spain until the sun came up?