The best Myers-Briggs personality types to bring home for Thanksgiving are friendly, adaptable, and ...
Oh My Gourd, These Are The Best MBTI Types To Bring Home For Thanksgiving


If you're bringing your partner home for Thanksgiving, not only will they likely be meeting certain family members for the first time, but they’ll also be sharing in some of your traditions. On the fence about whether or not it’s a good idea? Then consider this: The best Myers-Briggs personality types to bring home for Thanksgiving all have a few important traits in common.

So, what qualities make someone a stellar partner to bring home for the holidays? Social skills and general friendliness can be useful for this occasion, for one. A willingness to help out in the kitchen can also go a long way, as can a degree of open-mindedness — you know, for when Uncle Gary tells those awkward jokes after too many glasses of Beaujolais (insert face-palm emoji).

The personalities that encompass all of these traits are certainly not the only types that you can or should invite home for Thanksgiving, but you can likely rest easy knowing that they’ll handle the experience like a pro. If you’re toying with the idea of including your boo on Turkey Day this year, then it doesn’t get any butter than these Myers-Briggs personality types (pun very much intended).


The Logistician may not be a charming social butterfly by any means, but they’re bound to win over your fam with their ease of holding an intelligent conversation and offbeat sense of humor.

Plus, ISTJs value tradition and family, so they’ll definitely appreciate spending such a momentous occasion with the people who matter to you most. Since ISTJs often express their love through acts of service, you can rest assured that they’ll probably offer to help your fam with the cooking and cleaning before and after the meal. Since ISTJs keep themselves busy with work, they also enjoy quality time, and Thanksgiving presents the perfect opportunity to bond without any distractions.

Did I mention that ISTJs also have a remarkable ability to stay cool, calm, and collected, no matter what? That could come in handy when a heated debate comes up at the dinner table, or a deep-rooted family grudge comes to the surface.


If there’s one phrase that could sum up this personality type, it’s this: people-person. ESFJs are naturally charismatic, observant, and understanding — and thus, are capable of picking up on vibes in a room and adapting with finesse and flexibility. In other words, they’ll fit right in at your Thanksgiving dinner table, no matter what the circumstances are.

Family is deeply important to The Consul, and not only they will do whatever it takes to make their loved ones happy, but they’ll also go above and beyond for yours.

There’s also something uniquely nurturing about ESFJs. They’re always looking for ways to take care of the ones they love and make sure they’re as comfortable as possible, and who wouldn’t want that around the holidays?


The Protagonist is known for their warmth and perceptiveness, which can undoubtedly lead your family to embrace them quickly.

As intuitive extroverts, they're capable of contributing to a conversation in an engaging way without being an attention hog, while also feeling out others’ moods and reacting accordingly.

It’s super important to ENFJs to feel connected to loved ones, so they’ll certainly value the chance to connect with yours. Best of all, they have a knack for making sure everyone around them feels noticed, included, and validated, which surely won’t go unnoticed by your fam at the dinner table.


ISFJs may be a tad reserved, but they’re likable AF thanks to their caring, compassionate, and generous nature. Like the ISTJ, this type is always eager to help out in any way they can, and your fam is sure to notice their willingness to pitch in.

ISFJs are also phenomenal listeners. No matter who they talk to on Thanksgiving, they’ll make that person feel heard and appreciated. Plus, their uncanny ability to remember even the tiniest detail is sure to impress your family down the line, when they recollect Aunt Linda’s mind-blowing sweet potato casserole or your dad’s hilarious childhood tale.