Should You Bring Your New Guy Home For The Holidays? (Quiz)

by Candice Jalili
Fox 2000 Pictures

You and this guy have been dating for a while now, and things are going super well.

You really like (maybe even love!) him, and it's not like he's some random guy you're hooking up with. No, this is a REAL, bonafide relationship. That's huge!

So huge, in fact, that you're thinking about maybe inviting him to come home with you for the holidays.

You haven't really put much thought into it, but now Thanksgiving has snuck up on you, and you can't really make up your mind.

Are you supposed to invite him to be with your family? I mean, it's him, it's not like he'll make it weird or anything. But is it the right time? Is it too soon? Is it too late?!


That's where I come into play.

Take this quiz and put your worries to rest once and for all by finding out whether or not you should invite him to hang with your fam this holiday season.

And don't worry if you're not happy with the results. Like all things in life, this is not totally black and white.

Your invite to him could be WAY overdue and, on the other end of the spectrum, it could be WAY too soon for you to even be thinking about inviting him to do anything with your family over the holidays.

There's also some wiggle room in between: Maybe it's not quite time to invite him to hang with your fam, but it is the right time to start buying gifts for his family members.

Or, maybe you two have reached that sweet spot where you could invite him home without being creepy, but you could also hold off on inviting him without being rude.

Whatever the case, find out where you and your BF fall, and check one more thing off your holiday stress list.