The Myers-Briggs personality types that plan the best dates tend to be organized, creative, and adve...
These 4 Personality Types Plan The Best Dates, So Show Some Gratitude


Let’s be real: Some people just seem to have a knack for plotting out memorable meet-ups — you know, the kind you brag to your besties about immediately after they’re over (or, TBH, before you even get home). While everyone has their own strengths to bring to the table in this regard, the Myers-Briggs personality types that plan the best dates take it to a whole new level. For some, it’s their creativity that gives them a leg up. For others, it’s their boundless energy that proves to be a game-changer.

The truth is, it’s a pretty subjective skill. After all, how can anyone define what a stellar date is? For a free-spirited extrovert, going dancing or hitting up a karaoke bar might be an ideal experience. But exploring an art gallery and then grabbing cocktails at a cozy speakeasy might be a better itinerary for certain introverts.

While preferences can obviously range vastly as far as dates are concerned, it’s safe to say that some people seem to have a certain prowess for plotting out epic experiences. If that’s a talent you value in a partner, then keep your eyes peeled for these four personality types who have mastered the art of planning dates.


The warm-hearted, nurturing ESFJ just loves making other people happy — it’s in their nature. And that inherent quality means they’ll always keep your interests and passions in mind when planning a date.

Undoubtedly, The Consul’s dating superpower is their ability to anticipate your needs before you vocalize them or even become aware of them. For example, if you’ve been feeling a bit stressed lately, an ESFJ may sense that, and plan out a relaxing spa day for you both to unwind. They also have an uncanny ability to remember all the little details you tell them. So, if you casually mention to them that Salvador Dali is your favorite artist, don’t be surprised if they take you to a Surrealist art exhibit on your next date.

Basically, the ESFJ is on a constant quest to figure out what makes you tick, and as they become more and more in tune with the things that are most important to you, they’ll apply that knowledge by planning increasingly mind-blowing dates.


The ISFP is known as The Adventurer, so needless to say, you can expect this personality type to plan action-packed dates that involve exploring different places or trying new activities. Plus, the ISFP’s easygoing and playful nature typically always translates to a super fun date, no matter what you’re doing.

But what makes an ISFP a pro date planner is that as much as they value thrills and excitement, they also want to get to know you in a meaningful way. That means they’ll likely make sure to set aside some time to converse over drinks in a low-key environment. In other words, they tend to plan balanced dates that combine both adventure and intimacy, like hiking to a secret location and then spreading out a romantic picnic.


One thing you should know about ENTJs is that they put a lot of effort and enthusiasm into everything they do, and that includes dating.

Another reason why ENTJs are excellent date planner is that they're take-charge type people, and their decisiveness combined with their natural leadership skills allow them to plot out a fun plan without second-guessing their instincts. Plus, they're super organized and phenomenal at figuring out logistics, which enables them to draw up an elaborate itinerary with ease.

The Commander views date planning challenge. Since they hold themselves to extremely high standards, they tend to plan dates with the goal of impressing you in mind. ENTJs are always looking for opportunities to learn, so the kinds of dates they scheme up will often be incredibly mentally stimulating — along the lines of trivia or escape rooms.


Energetic, resourceful, and detail-oriented, an ESFP simply will not rest until they’ve come up with the perfect plan for your date. That said, ESFPs are about as spontaneous as it gets, so be prepared to go with the flow. They may decide to toss their plan out the window at the last minute if a more exciting option comes up.

Since this personality type craves exhilarating novel experiences, you can definitely expect them to think beyond dinner or drinks. But ESFPs are charismatic AF, so even if you do just end up chatting over coffee or apps, you can be sure the date will still be entertaining.

This personality type very much lives in the here and now, and is also immensely perceptive, so they can easily pick up on your feelings in the moment. And since they’re super flexible and adaptable, they’re able to tweak their date plans as needed based on the vibes you’re giving off.