The most adventurous Myers-Briggs personality types tend to be Sensors and Perceivers.
4 Personality Types To Date If You Want A Life Full Of Adventure


When you imagine your ideal partner, what’s the top priority that comes to mind? Are you looking for a travel companion, someone to enjoy new experiences with so you can share the rush? If that’s the case, then it’s worth knowing the most adventurous Myers-Briggs personality types.

Before we get into which types fall under this category, let’s review what it means to be adventurous. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, there are several different definitions — it can refer to someone who’s disposed to “cope with the new and unknown,” and it also “implies a willingness to accept risks.” So, you don’t have to be a total daredevil to be considered adventurous. But you do need to be game to get out of your comfort zone fairly frequently.

As it turns out, there are a couple of Myers-Briggs traits that seem to be linked to a sense of adventure. It may come as a surprise that Introversion and Extroversion don’t play much of a role in this — both preferences can be considered equally adventurous. However, given that Perceivers take a more spontaneous approach to life than Judgers (who prefer planning out their moves), this particular preference seems to be connected to an adventurous personality.

With all of that in mind, if you’re looking for a partner-in-crime who’s down for anything, keep an eye out for these particular Myers-Briggs types.


There’s a reason why this type is known as “The Adventurer.” Super spontaneous and fiercely independent, what makes this type feel most fulfilled is continually experimenting with new things.

ISFPs are definitely not risk-averse. So, don’t be surprised if they take you on an impromptu getaway at the last minute, or plan an adrenaline-pumping date that involves an extreme sport. It’s just in their impulsive nature. Part of this is due to their Sensing preference, which describes their “here and now” mentality. Sensors like to live in the present, rather than focusing on past events or future possibilities. And they don't like feeling boxed in whatsoever.

ISFPs may be a little unpredictable, and they also sometimes struggle with planning for the future. But if you can accept that about them, you’ll no doubt appreciate that a relationship with this type is endlessly exciting.


It should come as no surprise that the ESFP is adventurous, given that it shares three traits with “The Adventurer.” Like the ISFP, this type is always open to experimentation, and prefers to fly by the seat of their pants as opposed to drawing up a detailed itinerary or schedule. The difference here is that “The Entertainer” is also an Extrovert through and through. That gives them a fun-loving, playful edge with some serious people skills. So, while traveling with an ESFP, you’re bound to make a few new friends along your journey.

The ESFP thrives outside of their comfort zone. In fact, one of their biggest fears is often regretting the opportunities they didn’t take. And since they’re immensely open-minded, they are always pushing themselves to have new and different experiences. That means there’s never a dull moment while dating this personality type. And as long as you’re down to push your own boundaries, too, you’re bound to have one heck of a romantic ride.


It’s the ESTP’s innate boldness, improvisational skills, and can-do attitude that earned them the nickname “The Entrepreneur.” And it’s these same traits that give them a taste for adventure. Endlessly energetic with a serious competitive streak, this personality type is pretty much game for anything, whether it’s training for a marathon with you, going on a volunteer trip to another country, or trying out a new sex toy for couples. “Because why TF not?” That’s pretty much their motto.

The ESTP’s relentless curiosity can sometimes get them into trouble, but on the upside, this quality also helps to keep the spark alive in their relationships. By the way, they're also persuasive AF. So, even if you're not super daring by nature, they'll probably be able to convince you to come along for whatever wild adventure they're going on.


If there’s one thing that’s true about “The Virtuoso,” it’s that they definitely aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. In fact, they live for it. Their relaxed nature, which stems from their Perceiving preference, contributes to their adventurous side. Additionally, they generally tend to look before they leap, thanks to their Sensing preference.

Thanks to their boundless creativity, the ISTP will probably never plan the same date twice. Additionally, their adaptability, combined with their quick thinking and problem-solving skills, allows them to figure out a plan of action in the most challenging situation. So if you get yourself in a pickle on one of your countless adventures together, you can count on the ISTP to bail you out with their innovative ideas.