Tempt Fate, Taste Life: Why An Adventure Is Good For The Soul

by Gigi Engle

What is it about an adventure that moves us and, yet, scares us silly? What is it about an unfamiliar quest that is so intriguing and, yet, so terrifying? There is nothing like the fire that burns in your belly upon the possibility of a new experience.

For some, just the thought of saying "Yes" to adventure is enough to send them into an anxiety-ridden frenzy.

For others, the idea of gathering experiences, while filling the pages of a journal and receiving visible (and invisible) scars just isn’t enough to push them toward accepting adventure’s invitation.

As overwhelming as it may be, you must delve into the mysterious; it’s actually not just good for acquiring a grocery list of memories — it’s good for your soul, too.

When you let go and allow yourself to become a child of circumstance, when you cut the ties from what you’re accustomed to, you’re truly freeing you mind, body and spirit.

There are all kinds of adventures that serve as a kind of cleansing for the soul.

The adventure doesn’t have to be extravagant or particularly complex; it can be as simple as joining your friend on a quest downtown to an art gallery you’ve never gone to before or as complicated as a spur-of-the-moment trip to Southeast Asia.

It’s all about breaking boundaries and living freely in the moment. After all, we only have a very limited number of days in this beautiful, dangerous, amazing, wonderful place we call earth. Why waste even one second on fear?

If you don’t say "Yes" to an adventure, you’ll never know what you missed

If you say “No” when adventure calls your name, you’ll never know what might have happened had you dropped everything and embraced the idea.

The best memories you can acquire are the ones that come from traveling into the unknown, unsure of what lies ahead, just out of sight. Only a boring, trivial life can be born from constantly saying “No.”

You’ll never be subject to the “What ifs?” of life

One of the greatest regrets you can have is being forced to say, “What if?” What if I had taken that trip to Australia with my best friend? What if I had agreed to go cliff diving? What if I had gone on that long walk? What if…

It’s the most relatable tragedy in human existence. If you skip out on staying secure, you’ll never again find yourself wondering if you missed out on an experience that could have changed your life.

You learn something about yourself

Nothing will teach you more about yourself and what you’re capable of than an adventure. It’s the perfect time to test your limits because there are no limits. The possibilities are endless, and the lessons are priceless.

You’ll transform, even if just a little bit. The adventurous person's face is weathered with the lines of experience, and his or her soul is chiseled with the axe of wisdom.

You can truly look in an adventurous people's eyes and see their pasts. Their hands are calloused, and their hearts are strong.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone

Where there is adventure, there is life. Exploring and learning from an unknown place is what living is all about.

By pushing yourself, you’ll find the most random things can happen when you least expect them to. It’s always better to be in the thick of things than to be on the outside looking in.

It’s better to fail and have an adventure than to "succeed" and have no story

You’ll have the best stories to tell no matter what kind of adventure you have. Even if things go terribly and shake you to the core, you’ll be better for it. No one wants to spend time with someone, who doesn’t have a great story to tell.

As photographer Travis Burke put it:

I haven’t slept in weeks, but I'd rather have stories to share than dreams to imagine.

Trying something new is the ultimate catharsis

Letting go and venturing into uncharted lands is the rudimentary way to release your inner demons. After a long bout of soul-searching, you’ll finally be in touch with yourself. Breathe and enjoy the ride.

Even the worst of adventures will make you a better version of yourself

I choose to live by this Turkish proverb: "Not he who lived long knows, he who traveled much knows."

No matter what befalls you, disaster or something incredible, you’ll be a better you. An adventure has the power to fortify your spirit in ways that change you as a human being.

Because you dared to test and push yourself, you’ll grow more than you ever thought possible.

Because, why not?

Go out and find your adventure. Feed your soul. The only thing stopping you is yourself.

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