It's Double The Fun When Both Partners Come — Thanks To These Couples' Sex Toys

by Shayna Murphy

No matter who you're sleeping with, the experience should be enjoyable for everyone involved — but especially for couples, there can be some added pressure to ensure that things stay fresh and feeling great long-term. The best sex toys for couples can keep things exciting and might even open up some conversation surrounding interests, preferences, and fantasies. When used as a form of experimental discovery, sex toys can also serve as a bonding experience that has the potential to deepen your relationship.

Before implementing anything new into the bedroom, it's a good idea to first have a conversation with your partner to see which toys they're open to trying — as well as which ones are off the table entirely. Some folks can be understandably nervous about the addition of toys, especially if they've never used them before. (If that's the case, consider shopping together, so both you and your partner know exactly what to expect.)

The next step is to consider what types are best — because there are tons of different categories. Think about what you already enjoy most in the bedroom and pinpoint toys that amplify that. Do you like oral? There are toys that mimic that sensation. Are you most turned on when both partners are experiencing stimulation together? They make toys for that, too.

From stealthy vibrators that you can sneak out into public to custom-made dildos, here are some of the cleverest sex toys for couples that can keep things interesting no matter how long you've been together.

The Best Dual Vibrator For Twice The Pleasure

Looking for a sex toy that you and your partner can enjoy together? It doesn't get any better than the PALOQUETH dual vibrator. This C-shaped toy is designed to be worn over the pubic bone during penetration for combined G-spot stimulation and clitoral stimulation. If your partner is engaging in penetration or grinding, they'll be able to feel it as well. This toy comes with a remote that's programmed with nine different vibration modes, and it's rechargeable and IPX7-waterproof to boot.

The Best Massaging Wand With Toe-Curling Power

What do you get when you mix a cute design with some serious toe-curling power? The S600L personal wand massager. This toy looks sleek and unassuming, but its magnetic-rechargeable design and silicone head offer 10 different modes (from subtle to intense) to suit anyone's preferences. It's also quiet, body-friendly, and comes discreetly packaged. "This little thing packs a huge punch," one reviewer says, while another comments that they "don't know how [they] lived [their] life before this came into it."

The Best Bullet Vibrator With A Remote Control

The LELO Lyla 2 is definitely one of the most well-known toys on the market, and when it comes to bullet vibes, it's in a class all its own; that's because it's quiet and discreet enough that you can wear it anywhere. Equipped with eight different settings and a remote, your partner can control the toy from across the house or across a crowded room. It's available in three different colors, is fully rechargeable and waterproof, and works from up to 118 feet away.

The Best Massage Candle (To Boosting Foreplay!)

Relax, unwind, and help your partner feel at ease with this massage candle from Kama Sutra. Made from skin-friendly ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, and vitamin E, this candle melts into a warming oil that can be used for foreplay — but it's specifically designed to remain at a low enough temperature to prevent burns. Reviewers say it "smells amazing" and "does not leave a waxy or a sticky residue" post-massage. Get it in five different scents and various different sizes.

The Best Wedge Pillow For Different Positions

I'm a big fan of positioning pillows because they can help make all types of sex better, especially if there are size discrepancies between you and your partner or you need extra support. While there are tons of wedges you can try, the Flip Ramp is an especially great option because it's so discreet. Like similar wedges, it can help you obtain an optimal angle and extends out to provide more room. That said, unlike other combination pillows that are hard to conceal, the Flip Ramp folds into a square ottoman when not in use. If you live with roommates or you have limited storage space, this wedge blends in with the rest of the decor after you're done.

The Best Waterproof Vibrator For The Shower, Bath, Or Hot Tub

Sleek and designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand, the Pixie from Sweet Vibrations delivers an experience anywhere — but thanks to its silicone curves and fully-waterproof design, it's an especially great pick for the shower or tub. It's fully-rechargeable to deliver up to 2.5 hours of vibrations and 10 different intensity settings. It's also dual-sided, so you can choose between flexible wings or a rounded, smoother sensation.

The Best Sex Toy For Long Distance Couples

Whether you're a car ride or a flight away, being separated can put strain on any relationship, including in the sex department. The good news is that the We-Vibe Sync is a game-changer for long-distance couples. This wearable vibe is a lot like the PALOQUETH in that you can bend it and use it for clitoral and G-spot stimulation. The crucial difference, however, is that you can also control it through the We-Vibe app from anywhere in the world. Through said app, you can actually create custom patterns, change the speed, and set the toy to music — though it also comes with a remote control for added convenience.

The Best Dildo Making Kit For A Personalized Toy

You might not get to be with your heart's desire all the time, but with the Clone-a-Willy kit, you can keep part of them with you always. This DIY kit comes with everything you need to make a realistic replica of your lover's appendage, and it comes with a vibrating unit, so you can give it a little something extra. Another benefit? Instant date night. "My wife and I wanted to have a silly afternoon doing something together," wrote one reviewer. "This product did not disappoint in that category."

The Best Anal Massager For Backdoor Play

Ideal for partners who love anal stimulation, this toy has dual motors and two ergonomically-shaped massagers that are designed to stimulate the anus and prostate. Thanks to the medical-grade silicone, it's hypoallergenic, smooth-to-the-touch, and easy to clean because of its non-porous exterior. It's also rechargeable, waterproof, and remote-controlled with nine vibration settings and nine advanced wave modes. Reviewers say it's "perfect for beginners," but has also quickly become a favorite for those who have owned several before.

The Most Discreet Sex Toy

Is it a sex toy or is it just another stylish accessory? Part of the fun of showing off the Crave Vesper is that it's actually both. This USB-rechargeable vibe can pass for a necklace since it's made with stainless steel, but the nickel-free design has four intensity settings so you can use it virtually anywhere. "Looks just like a regular necklace but it's awesome that only me and the husband know what it's for," wrote one reviewer.

The Best Oral Sex Simulator

The Satisfyer Pro 2 feels "very similar to oral," according to reviewers. This toy features a pressure vacuum and 11 different settings that create a half-wave, half-sucking sensation. The tip is made from body-safe silicone that's soft and smooth against skin, and it's waterproof as well as rechargeable.

The Best Strap-On Starter Set

Using a strap-on can be an incredibly sensual and intimate experience, but not all couples know where to start. If you've never experimented with harnesses or attached dildos before, the Tantus Bend Over Beginner Kit is a great selection. You get everything you need to try it out, including an adjustable and machine-washable harness, two smaller, smooth dildos, an O-ring, and even a little bullet vibrator.

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