Schitt's Creek Patrick & David

34 Patrick Quotes From 'Schitt's Creek' That Are "Simply The Best" Captions


Patrick Brewer on Schitt's Creek completely won the heart of David Rose with his quick wit and charming personality. It's understandable why he's a favorite among the Schitt's Creek locals, too. You might even say Patrick is "simply the best," which is why you'll enjoy pairing these Patrick Schitt's Creek quotes for Instagram captions with your upcoming pictures.

Patrick always seems to know the right thing to say and do in every situation he finds himself in. So, whenever you're in a bit of a slump for just the right caption, let Patrick Brewer's quotes serve as your inspiration. For instance, you can pair one of Patrick's sweet lines like, "Easiest decision of my life," with a throwback picture of when you adopted your puppy. Or, the next time you and your roomies have a karaoke night, caption a picture with, "What I hope will be the first of many mic nights."

Whether you're watching the series for the first time or you already lost count, you should be on the lookout for more Patrick-inspired ideas for your Insta poses. Then, when the time comes to post those snaps, it'll be a seamless process with these Patrick quotes from Schitt's Creek on deck.


1. "Great stuff you guys."

2. "Anyone with a fiber of common sense would know that."

3. "This is all it took to get people out on a work night."

4. "I hope you guys can accept that."

5. "I'm not here for your sister."

6. "I love the buzz words."

7. "I've never been happier in my life."

8. "If I don't get a hold of you, I'll just uh, leave a message."

9. "We're gonna get things started here."

10. "I would like to dedicate this song to a very special someone in my life."

11. "What I hope will be the first of many mic nights."

12. "You will always be a part of me."

13. "Everyone's loaded up on drink tickets."

14. "Can't miss him."

15. "I'm gonna get the party started."

16. "I think you already know that I would climb a thousand mountains for you."


17. "Do I wear my fringed vest?"

18. "Easiest decision of my life."

19. "Unlike the birthday clown, I will be back."

20. "Right after I tune up this little baby."

21. "The perfect place to ask you to marry me."

22. "It's just the, um, the receipt from our first sale at the store."

23. "I was developing feelings for this guy."

24. "Thank you for making that happen for us."

25. "Really? That is shocking news."

26. "Technically, you're walking in the right direction."

27. "I don't want to add more stress to your day, but I love you."

28. "You're going to sit here and think about what you've done."

29. "Why didn't you tell me I was invited to the barbecue?"

30. "I think it was something about your boyfriend's shoes?"

31. "Who knew you had so many friends, or, uh, family members, for that matter."

32. "Oh, are you in distress?"

33. "And for the record, I also respect you and think that you're a good person."

34. "Rose Apothecary... you know, it's just pretentious enough."